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How to Plan a Holiday with Your Dogs

October 21, 2019

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When splurging on a staycation, we quite often want to take our furry friends with us too. Our dogs are becoming more than just pets; they are quite often part of the family. For this reason, many families choose to take their dogs with them when they travel. 

However, this has its own list of problems. Here are some of the things you need to think about when trying to plan a holiday where you take your dogs along too. 

Planning a Holiday with Your Dogs

A close up of a dog - How to Plan a Holiday with Your Dogs

Where to Stay

One of the most important things you will need to consider is where to stay. Despite 26% of UK adults owning a dog, not everywhere welcomes these animals to stay. You might find yourselves severely limited in where you can go simply because you can’t find a place to stay. However, there are lots of holiday homes and hotels that do allow dogs to stay – you just have to put a little work in to find somewhere that suits your needs. 

Make a list of everything you would like from a home and then see if you can find it. You might be surprised to see just how many options there are out there which fit everything you need. If you can find the perfect place a couple of months in advance, you will have your full pick of places to stay. 

If in doubt, you can always try to camp! Having your dog in a tent with you is not everyone’s cup of tea but many people love to have their pooch so close by. 

How to Get There

Many people choose to drive for their staycation but it can be difficult to travel with a full family and a dog. Trying to fit everyone into one vehicle can be stressful and cramped; especially if you are going away for anything longer than one weekend. 

If you know that you want to get away on trips like this more often, you should look into upgrading your family car to a van. This is going to be one of the best options for ensuring that everyone has enough space, all the right gear can be brought along, and the dog can have enough space. 

You might think that running a van is going to be more expensive than running a car. However, the prices can actually be quite comparable, especially for things like van insurance. You can get cheap van insurance quotes at this site to help you find a policy that fits with your monthly budget.

A close up of a dog with a frisbee in its mouth - How to Plan a Holiday with Your Dogs

What to Do When You Get There

When you take your dog away with you, you are going to have to plan your activities around the dog just as much as you would plan them around your children. For example, if you love visiting manor houses and stately homes, you might find that you can only walk around the gardens with the dog as they can’t go in the main house. 

Instead, you should look at things you can do with the dog. You ideally want to be doing a big activity each day which will properly tire out your dog. Aim to vacation near either a stretch of coastline where you can take many walks or somewhere hilly you can climb a lot.

Both of these destinations can offer new experiences for your dog, especially if you live in a city centre. Take the time to think about where you would like to go. If there is a certain area you would love to visit, now might be the time if it is particularly dog-friendly. 

Heading to the Continent

If you would rather leave the UK with your dog, there are several guidelines you need to follow. Your pet will need a special passport and a microchip plus some treatments. Taking your dog with you on a road trip in Europe is a unique experience and will no doubt help to bring the two of you closer together.

Travelling with your dog is a unique experience that everyone should try at some point. It can be difficult to find a place to stay with your pooch but a little work should soon help you to pinpoint somewhere amazing. It won’t be long before you have found the perfect place for you all to stay. 

Couple that with the chance to make some amazing memories with your dog and you have the recipe for a perfect holiday. Make sure you properly research where your dog will be allowed when you are away; especially if you will be travelling by yourself or with your children. It could mean something as little as getting turned away from multiple cafes just because they don’t allow dogs in. Nevertheless, you should still manage to have an amazing time away.

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