6 Things To Know About Before Taking A Family Trip To Mexico

6 Things To Know About Before Taking A Family Trip To Mexico

September 19, 2022


We are far too often persuaded or dissuaded to visit places because of how Hollywood portrays them in movies. Mexico is often portrayed as a dangerous, poor, and run-down country, that should be avoided at all costs, but this is so far from true. Mexico has a rich history and culture that should be experienced by all. It might not be the country with the highest GDP, but it has plenty to offer. Here are 6 things you should know before taking a family trip to Mexico.

Taking A Family Trip To Mexico: 6 Things To Know About

Taking A Family Trip To Mexico: 6 Things To Know About - people near mexican flag

There’s More To See Than The Beach

A very common misconception people have is that Mexico is all coastal. This is not the case. It is much bigger than you may think and many of the cities are found in the interior. Tourists tend to prefer coastal areas, like Cancun, because of the beautiful beaches, and hotel and restaurant experiences. When finding the best area to stay in Cancun, be sure to do your research thoroughly before and read reviews so that you know what you’re getting. But don’t limit yourself to the coast. The interior, especially Mexico City, is an amazing place to explore. It is filled with modern design and Spanish architecture, a truly stunning mix. Because of its size, Mexico hosts a vast variety of landscapes for you to explore. From dry canyons to humid rainforests, and modern cities to the ruins of ancient civilizations, it’ll keep you busy for weeks.

It is Safe for Your Family

The idea that Mexico is too dangerous for families comes mainly from films. Yes, it is true that some areas have a higher crime rate than certain parts of the US, but those are quite simply places you should avoid. There are plenty of areas that are safe for you and your children to enjoy. When planning your trip be sure to read up about what parts of the country are best for families to travel to and just be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to go out and explore.

A Little Bit of Spanish Goes a Long Way

As with travelling to any country where English is not an official language, or the first language of the people who live there, learning basic phrases in Spanish before heading to Mexico will do you the world of good. Depending on your destination, there might be few to no English speakers to help you out. Plus, people are just nicer if they can see you are struggling, but still trying to speak their language in their country. Be sure to download something like Google Translate and download Spanish so that you can use it offline (just in case you don’t have a signal).

Taking A Family Trip To Mexico: 6 Things To Know About

You Don’t Need a Special License To Hire a Car

If you are from the US and are driving down to Mexico, or plan to rent a car, you will be pleased to know that you don’t need to get a special driving permit. Mexico recognizes and honours US driver’s licenses. If you are from somewhere else, you’ll be good to go with an international driver’s permit from your local AAA office. Keep in mind that if you are renting a car, it is required by Mexican law that you purchase insurance along with the rental.

Uber Is Available, But Taxis Are More Reliable

Uber is everywhere, so it should come as no surprise that a lot of cities in Mexico have Uber. This makes getting to and from your daily family activities really easy and convenient. However, Uber isn’t the most reliable option. You can expect long waiting times, which is why many people prefer to use a taxi service instead, especially if your destination is too far for you or your kids to walk. It is interesting to note that taxis in Mexico don’t use a meter, so be sure to as the going rate before hopping in. Your hotel should also be able to help you with this.

There Aren’t Many Playgrounds

If you have young children travelling with you, you’ll notice a distinct lack of playgrounds. This means you’ll have to find other ways to burn off their energy. Most of the cities do have open gardens and public squares where children can run around and play, so just be sure to locate one of those if your young ones are needing to get rid of a lot of energy.

Taking A Family Trip To Mexico: 6 Things To Know About - blue sun loungers on swimming pool

Mexico is an interesting country. It is geographically diverse and caters to families with children of all ages. We highly recommend that you visit and experience this often overlooked gem of a holiday destination.

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