Family Fun At Easter

Family Fun At Easter: Some Of The Ways You Can Make The Most Of It

March 24, 2021

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Easter is a Christian festival and cultural holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. While it is a time of celebration and religious events, Easter is also such a special time when it comes to the family. Not only do you get to enjoy an extended weekend because of the bank holidays, but it is also the perfect opportunity to bring the family together and spend some quality time in each other’s company.

Making the most of the Easter break is usually a high priority for families. With children off school and many parents getting the extra days off, you may be wondering what you can do. With that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can make the most of family fun at Easter. 

A traditional Easter egg hunt

One of the first and likely most obvious suggestions is an Easter egg hunt. Many people will have different ideas of what this will involve. You might have decades of family traditions or looking to create your own as a new family, hiding chocolate eggs and leaving clues for your children to find. Some people love the idea of going all out when it comes to the Easter egg hunts. It could be that you leave clues, hide them in different places, and have the egg hunt last for hours.

Others just like the idea of hiding the easter eggs the children will have received for easter, and leaving it at that. Some even use hard-boiled eggs that will have been decorated beforehand and then hiding those in the garden or home. It can be a great way to spend time as a family and do something slightly different. If you find yourself struggling to develop any ideas, you will likely find some printable options online.

Family Fun At Easter

Easter gifts

Easter can also be a time of giving, and for some families, this will be done very differently. A lot of children and even adults will receive Easter eggs. These might just be given by family members or perhaps delivered on Easter Sunday from the Easter bunny. Some people stick with chocolate but decide to choose something different such as Easter chocolates from Pantry House. It might be the gift of flowers and spring blooms. Or maybe some people are less traditional and choose to spend the money that would have gone on chocolate on something more useful like clothes, stationery, or something your child wants or needs at that time. 

The family feast

No Easter weekend is complete without the family feast, and traditionally this will likely be some sort of roast dinner enjoyed on Easter Sunday. Most people love the Easter feast and whether it is a roast dinner, your favourite pasta dish or you even order it in, it is the joy of sharing a meal together that can make it more fun. However, why does it need to be just one meal? You could plan your Easter weekend with different family feasts to look forward to.

Perhaps you could take it in turns to cook, or maybe let the children decide what you want on one evening. You could even let them get involved if you wanted to. Food always brings families together, so this can be a great way to do this over the Easter weekend. 

Family Fun At Easter

Games afternoon/evening 

Easter is the perfect chance for some quality time with your loved ones, and what better way than to encourage those wondering eyes away from phones, tablets, devices, and games consoles and sit down to play some cards or board games. You could do this in the afternoon or choose to make an evening out of it. In this modern world we can all become a little distracted at times, and so going back to basics and doing something together as a family can be a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening. During the Easter weekend, you do have a little more time. Some of the games you could try include:

  • Card games
  • Draughts or chess
  • Snakes and ladders
  • Dobble 
  • Twister
  • Monopoly 
  • Cluedo

You are bound to find something the whole family will enjoy. Don’t forget to stock up on yummy drinks and snacks. 

Easter crafts 

Not everyone enjoys crafting, but it might be something to consider doing if you have younger children. You will find many Easter crafts ideas on websites like Pinterest or family blogs. Whether it is painting, drawing, or making something out of nothing, time spent doing this can be lovely. Thankfully, easter gives you the perfect excuse for many crafts including cards, decorating eggs, and making decorations so that you can decorate your home during the weekend. 

Family Fun At Easter

Visit a farm 

Easter is right in the middle of spring, and it is at this time of the year that many farms come to life. Lambs are being born, chicks, and baby ducks all around, so heading to the farm to see some of the animals can be a great activity to do over Easter. Some farms may even allow you to feed the baby lambs or pet some of the animals. This is a lovely activity to do if you have young children who are usually fascinated by animals. 

A family walk 

Finally, there is no denying that we have all grown accustomed and perhaps a little attached to those family walks we have been enjoying, and the Easter weekend gives you the perfect opportunity to head out into the countryside and spend some time together. You could use the weekend to try a new walk or head somewhere a little different? Pack up a picnic and head out to a local beauty spot and enjoy the fresh air and the company. Again it is the perfect opportunity to have time away from devices and spend it doing something simple. 

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration for how you might want to enjoy some family fun during the Easter break and how you can make the most of the time together. 

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