How to be sustainable this Easter

How to be sustainable this Easter

April 4, 2022

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Is it possible to be more sustainable and eco-conscious at Easter? I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can be more sustainable this Easter. 

Easter is a great time of the year that the whole family can enjoy. You have the endless amounts of chocolate eggs, the big Easter Sunday meal, and the opportunity to see friends and family throughout the four-day weekend, which is, of course, another huge advantage of the Easter break. However, one thing we can’t escape at the moment is the pressure to be more eco-friendly.

Ways you can be more sustainable this Easter

We are all hugely aware of the impact we are having on the planet at the moment, and many of us are looking to make changes to our habits to be more environmentally friendly. So is it possible to be more sustainable and eco-conscious at Easter? I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can be more sustainable this Easter. 

How to be sustainable this Easter
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Re-think your Easter Egg hunt 

One of the major elements of Easter is the Easter egg hunt. Children love it, adults enjoy the chaos and organising them, and it can be a huge highlight of your Easter events. However, you might usually hide single wrapped eggs, but although that foil is recyclable a huge percentage of it ends up in landfills. So instead, why not try investing in wooden eggs that can be hidden. You could also use hard-boiled eggs or if you do want to try plastic ones, investing in a set that you re-use won’t hurt the planet too much. You can fill those plastic eggs with toys or smaller chocolates to enjoy. 

Easter baskets that are more sustainable 

Many parents like to create Easter baskets for their children. It seems to have been a tradition that has developed over time, and many parents not only include eggs but Easter-themed goodies, pyjamas, clothes, and toys. So a great tip is to make your Easter basket more sustainable. Avoid a plastic basket and use a wooden or fabric Easter basket instead. Maybe look at creating one easter basket that you re-use each year instead of buying another one.

Inside the basket avoid single wrapped foiled eggs and choose sustainably wrapped eggs instead. Just be more conscious of what you put inside and avoid anything that will be thrown away or can’t be re-used in the future. 

Avoid single-use plastics 

Like at any time of the year, single-use plastic is one of the biggest issues raised in landfills right now, and Easter is a time when you can still refrain from single-use plastic. For example, many eggs come in single-use plastic wrap, so avoid buying these and think about finding ones that have recyclable packaging. Choosing wooden items over plastic items can also be a great way to be sustainable this Easter. Helping you to re-use things each year, rather than constantly buying new ones. 

How to be sustainable this Easter

Dye hard-boiled eggs differently 

Hard-boiled eggs are a great option for Easter crafts, but instead of using shop-bought dye, you can create your own dye with sustainable things found in your home. Things like red cabbage, leftover onion skins, and turmeric can make great homemade dyes. Leave them to infuse in water in a mason jar for a few days and watch the colours change.

There will be loads of options in your home once you start looking. This will be a try and test process as some things will work better than others, but if you are using what would ordinarily be thrown away then this is a great way to make use of leftovers and avoid buying dye kits with single-use plastic, not to mention what is actually in the dye itself. 

Re-use old easter egg decorations 

As each year passes you may be inclined to decorate your home for Easter, but instead of constantly buying new things, you could look to repurpose some of the bits you will have collected over the years. For example, single plastic eggs can be combined to create a colourful easter egg reef for your home. You could use old decorations and make bunting or display them differently in your home. Get creative and see what you can achieve, 

Alternative Easter gifts

Finally, if you like to give Easter gifts then why not make a more sustainable choice this year. Wooden toys and sustainable gifts instead of single-use plastics can be a great option and something that you can keep for the future. You could also give the gift of an experience, a voucher, or even a donation to a charity in their name instead of a physical gift. 

Hopefully, these ideas will help you to be more sustainable this Easter. 

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