Why an Electric Car Is a Great Family Car

Why an Electric Car Is a Great Family Car

August 5, 2022


Many of us know that electric cars are great for the environment. After all, they don’t need petrol or diesel to run, just an electric charge point. But not many recognise that electric cars are also great family cars. Whether you’re planning an elaborate family road trip or just a trip down the street to school, an electric car can keep your loved ones and you safe and comfortable. Here are eight great reasons why an electric car makes a perfect family car.

Electric Cars Have Lower Operational Costs

Typical fuel-based family cars usually consume a lot more petrol and diesel. Electric cars might cost a little more upfront. But from there on, the operational costs are minuscule as compared to petrol cars. To learn more about the lower operational costs and other benefits of an electric car, take a look at the ultimate guide to electric cars on the ElectriX website. The website, powered by LV General Insurance, features comprehensive information on all topics related to electric cars, making it the perfect electric car guide. The lower operational costs result in savings that a growing family always needs. 

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Electric Cars Are Easier to Maintain

Electric cars typically face much less wear and tear as compared to their petrol or diesel counterparts. Electric cars usually have just three key parts — the motor, inverter, and charger. Hence, they can be manufactured much more efficiently. Additionally, thanks to its fewer moving parts, damage due to continuous use is much less in an EV. This, in turn, can translate into fewer repair costs and easier maintenance, both of which can be crucial for a family.

Electric Cars Suit Various Budgets

Electric cars can be both bought on a lease or purchased to own. You can choose the option that best suits your budget. EVs also come in different size models, so you can pick the one that lets your family and you travel in comfort. 

Electric cars can be charged in commerical places

For families using electric cars, the availability of commercial charging stations offers a convenient way to keep vehicles powered during longer trips or busy days. These stations, found in public places like shopping centers and roadside rest areas, supplement home charging options, adding flexibility to travel plans. Among these, commercial EV charging stations from ACP or other providers are increasingly common, providing dependable and quick charging solutions. As more electric vehicle charging stations are installed in urban and suburban areas, families have peace of mind knowing they can easily recharge their vehicles at any time.

Electric Cars Can Be Charged at Home

Electric cars can be easily charged at home, leaving you more time with the family. How long the EV takes to charge can change depending on the kind of home charging port you have. Just as an example, a charging port of 7kW in a house can usually power up your car in 5-10 hours. When you’re stepping out with your children and spouse for your road trip, not having to spend precious time getting off the carriageway and into a petrol station can do wonders for the mood and vibe of the trip.

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Electric Cars Are Easier to Drive

Electric cars have few components and can be driven way more intuitively than traditional cars that have a clutch-based system that needs far more conscious mental and physical effort. When you’re travelling with a large family, especially with children and a lot of luggage, stress-free driving can be a big advantage for both you and your family. The far more pleasant experience of driving an electric car means you have the far more mental bandwidth to relax and have fun with the people that count the most — your family. 

Electric Cars Offer a Smoother Overall Drive

Electric cars are much quieter, which takes away the internal noise pollution. If your family and you are hoping to wind down and relax during the drive, then an electric vehicle is a better bet. The quiet inside your car can also make it easier for you to hear and communicate with your children, and make sure they’re safe. Electric cars also have instant torque, which means you pick up speed immediately, unlike the gear system of regular cars. This can lead to an overall smoother experience for you and your passengers, and an easier and more pleasurable driving experience for you. 

Electric Cars Can Be Safer

Electric cars have a much more efficient balance and distribution of weight since the electric batteries are usually at the base of the vehicle. This ensures a lower centre of gravity, which, in turn, can help decrease body roll and instability through corners. When you’re driving, you want your children to feel and be safe. The EV is, therefore, a great choice since it is built to provide immense safety and protection.

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Electric Cars Are Much Better for the Environment

Electric vehicles are way more eco-friendly than petrol and diesel models. EVs have zero tailpipe emissions. Electric cars flip the script on air pollution since they run on electricity. By helping to do your bit for the environment, you help assure a safer and better planet for your children.

Electric cars are here to stay. They are a sustainable and safe option for daily transportation for the entire family. Use the above guide to learn more about electric cars for families. 

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