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Dressing Mummy for school

September 3, 2015

With Roo and Tigger ready for back to school I have been looking back at some of their old pre-school and school photos. Whilst I was doing this Roo asked to see some photos of me when I was at school (eek!). So I started searching the house for the old hard drive (our house is in chaos due to renovations) unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it. I have to confess that I was a little relieved by this, after all does anyone really look great in their old school photos?

A group of people posing for the cameraNot wanting to let Roo down I turned to Facebook to look through old photos  and ones my fellow classmates had posted of my school days over the years.

I managed to find one of me along with three of my school friends alongside our mentor (I’m second from left) who would come in once a month to listen to our problems, help us with any questions or concerns we had – basically we chatted about boys!

When I showed Roo the photo of me she giggled, Mummy you look so young (thank you, I think). I explained who was who and when this photo was taken – it was our last mentoring session before our exams (circa May 1999).

Dressing Mummy for school

With all the fun of looking back at old school photos and giggling and what I looked like when I was at school I thought it would be fun to get Roo to join in with Yellow Days back to school competition and see how she would dress me for school after looking at my old school photo.

Heading over to the Debenhams schoolwear site I asked Roo to take a look at all the different clothes and tell me how she would dress Mummy for school.

    1. Polo shirts – ‘I chose polo shirts mummy as I know that you don’t like having to iron shirts’


    1. Pleated kilt skirts – ‘I know you don’t wear skirts very often but I think that you should, I love wearing skirts Mummy’


    1. Wedge shoes – ‘I know that you are really short Mummy so I chose some shoes that has a little heel on to make you feel taller’


    1. Star backpack – ‘I tried to find you a bag that was purple and spotty but I couldn’t, but this one has lots of stars on so I think you will love it’


  1. Quilted fleece coat – ‘This is like your old coat Mummy so I thought you’d like this’

I’m really quite impressed with Roo’s selection, I must admit that I wouldn’t pick skirts to wear now however I used to wear skirts for school (albeit rolled up and bordering on far too short!). Other than the skirts I would happily wear the rest of the items she has chosen, I’m especially loving the purple star backpack and I’m wondering if I can buy it and use it to carry all of Piglet’s items in when we are out and about.

Do you show your children old school photos of yourself?
How do you think they would choose to dress you for school?

Disclosure: This is Roo’s entry into the Debenhams back to school competition as hosted by Yellow Days.

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