Why I choose BHS school uniform for my children again this year

September 8, 2015

This year both my children will in full-time education in September which means that I not only need to make sure that they both have uniforms to wear but that their uniforms work for them. With a change of uniform planned by their school it means that I need to purchase everything from scratch which is a shame as I bought Roo’s uniform from BHS last year and even after a year of washes it is still going strong. The shirts have not turned that yucky shade of grey and her skirts still fit thanks to the adjustable waist style she chose last year. So it’s easy to see why I have chosen to head back to BHS for this years school uniform.

School Uniform - Roo and Tigger

I always find buying school uniform for Roo a challenge as she likes to have the option of both skirts and trousers depending on the weather and what they are up to at school. Skirts are usually our sticking point, there are so many different styles to choose from, including pleated, jersey, elasticated and Tammy Girl. After looking at all the different styles available this year we decided upon a jersey style skirt, a classic pull on style with a simple ribbon and bow design along the front of the skirt. The design makes it easy for Roo to get on and off for sports etc and it also as it is a non-iron skirt it is one less thing I need to make sure is ironed ready for Monday mornings.

Girls Black Jersey School Skirt

Roo’s school is changing from a junior school to a primary school this September and have decided to change from shirts and ties for the children in reception up to Year 5 to polo shirts. As parent I’m quite pleased to see the back of the traditional shirts and ties in favour of polo shirts as they are more comfortable for the children to wear and make it easier for them to get changed into their sports kit etc. There are several different styles of polo shirts to choose from, I opted for the unisex pack of 3 school polo shirts which start at just £4.50 offering great value and the polo shirts themselves are a longer style than I have had previously which means they are more likely to stay tucked in (or at least I can hope so when it comes to Tigger). Fastening with three buttons allows ease of putting on and off for even the biggest of heads.

Unisex White 3 Pack School Polo Shirts - Roo

Tigger has always been the messy one, with his current pre-school uniform needed to be changed and washed everyday. If he hasn’t covered it with paint or mud he has managed to spill his lunch down it so stain resistance is a key factor when I buy his uniform. The DuPont Teflon technology BHS use in their school uniform protects fabrics and repels stains perfect for parents of messy children. The longer lasting colour finish on their clothing also means that the colours stay brighter for longer and after being washed and dried at least three times a week I’m pleased that his uniform won’t fade.

My other main concern with Tigger’s uniform is getting trousers to fit him. He wears trousers much smaller for his age as he has little legs, combined with a tiny waist means that an adjustable waist band is a must – not only to ensure a good fit but for ease of getting on and off as he hasn’t quite mastered buttons.

Junior Boys Black 2 Pack Great Value School Trousers - Adjustable waist

With reinforced knees I can sleep easy knowing that he isn’t going to need his trousers replacing very couple of weeks. Alongside the all important pockets so that he can carry his treasures around, hide stones in them (he once brought home that many stones that I’m surprised his trousers managed to stay up with from the weight of them) or just look cute with his hands in them.

Junior Boys Black 2 Pack Great Value School Trousers - Pockets

The best bit of all about getting Roo and Tigger’s school uniforms from BHS is that both sets of uniform cost less than £50.00 which as any parent will tell you is amazing value considering I managed to order Roo two school skirts and three polo shirts, with Tigger having four pairs of trousers and six polo shirts.

Disclosure: We received a selection of BHS school uniform FOC for the purpose of review

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  • Anna September 9, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Thank you for this article! I’ll definitely be trying out BHS uniforms next year. With three children in Primary school uniforms cost me a fortune and as my eldest grows faster than a weed, his needs replacing at least once throughout the year. I love the idea of reinforced knees in the trousers too! Holey knees is a huge problem with my boys! Love your blog!!

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