Valentines Day Gifts With A Difference

Valentines Day Gifts With A Difference

January 27, 2023

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When it comes to Valentines Day gifts we can often feel as though it is all about flowers and chocolate in order to show the person in our lives that we love them. But this doesn’t exactly highlight the way you love them or the love language of your loved one. This article shares alternative Valentine’s Day gift ideas that break away from chocolates and flowers.

I know we have only just gotten over the wonderful time of year that is Christmas and the blessed opportunities of spending time with loved ones, but January is here, and we are in the bubble of the new year. It’s the time of year when we look ahead to the next 12 months that lie in front of us and get ourselves going with every best intention. I started to wonder about the next few weeks, and I realised that another time of year when we get to show loved ones we care is nearly upon us, and that is valentine’s day. 

For some, it is a time of year that doesn’t mean much. After all, why should you need a date in the diary to tell people you love or care for them? But, on the flip side of that argument, why shouldn’t you tell them anyway? Or offer a token that cements that fact even more.

Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Gifts, of course, are not an essential part of celebrating valentine’s day, but they can be a lovely way to show someone you care. This is why I thought I would share with you some alternative unique Valentines Day gift ideas that are a little different, to inspire the people who may just want to buy a gift for the person they love. 

Jewellery with a difference

Jewellery is always a popular choice when it comes to buying a special Valentines Day gift for the one we love. Although many of these beautiful gifts are placed in jewellery boxes ready to be worn on special occasions (and how many of those do you get in a year?) or depending on the type of job you have might not be something that can be worn every day even if it a necklace or bracelet etc.

WsC® London understands that we often want to gift something special but still want it to be an everyday piece to fit their lives. This is where their range of watch straps compatible with the latest smartwatches really helps you make a statement to the person you love in your life. From Diamond Edition Apple Watch Straps that are suitable for both men and women to their range of Stainless Steal Apple Watch Straps that can withstand the day-to-day life of your loved one whilst ensuring that they are able to be kept on time and up to date with all their apps and notifications.

A photograph framed or turned into a canvas

Sometimes there is that one photograph that can transport you right back to that moment. It could be a baby picture or your first as a couple. Then why not get it framed or blown up on a canvas? So you can display that momentous occasion with pride.

Alternatively, if you are a couple who have so many photos that are simply hidden in whichever cloud storage facility you upload them to then a digital photo frame might make the perfect Valentines Day gift. It is something that can be updated via an app on your phone making it easy to add or change the photos you wish to display in the home or even on your desk – helping to keep memories of your time together alive.

The love language of food

Food is often thought of as the love language of men especially, the classic saying of the way to his heart is through his belly springs to mind. But food can be something to bring couples together and whilst we might love to head off to romantic restaurants it’s not always possible for a variety of reasons. Why not indulge or feed this connection between the two of you with some fun love-themed kitchen accessories, from a heart-shaped spoon that doubles as a straw to a Happy Together Cheese Knives set that has one knife for hard cheese and one for soft cheese – quite possibly mirroring your own relationship.

Valentines Day Gifts With A Difference

The gift of reading

Not all of us have much time to ourselves, so why not encourage this a bit more and gift your partner a new book? It could be something they are interested in, a new recipe collection they have wanted, or even the latest novel from their favourite author. Books2Door have a wide range of books to choose from no matter what you are looking for,

  • Autobiography: There is a part of us all that are by nature curious about other people. People watching can be fascinating, as can the conversations people have on their phones on public transport etc. However, it is those in the limelight that we are often more curious about. Wishing to know more about the person behind the magazine images, the news interviews and the stories that are shared online. The new Spare by Prince Harry has to be one of the hotly discussed books this year and who doesn’t want to know more about the royal family?
  • Classic Fiction: For many people, the love of reading was something instilled in them from childhood, which is a wonderful thing I’m sure we can all agree. With this in mind, it can be easy to see why some of the classic tales we read as children have become lifelong favourites. MinaLima has taken a collection of classic tales and produced books like Beauty and The Beast with illustrated and interactive elements – truly stunning and the perfect Valentines Day gift.
  • BookTok: Whilst TikTok might not be for everyone, one of the positive things that have come from the platform is the increased awareness of books shared across the platform. Commonly known as BookTok or TikTok Made Me Buy It. Users are sharing both books they have read and loved but also the ones that are on the TBR lists. If you have a book lover then I can almost promise you that they have seen a book on this list that they will love.

Personalised stationery

Lots of people love stationery in many different forms. So if you have someone in your life who loves it, then this could be a really good Valentines Day gift idea and something that could be used throughout the rest of this year. Maybe they want to get more organised so a new planner could be a great choice. Do they like to keep in touch with friends and family? Then typewriter personalised notecards could be a fantastic option. They could even appreciate new notebooks for their work or to help them manage their chores throughout the day

Valentines Day Gifts With A Difference - Breakfast in bed

Why not gift your time?

Finally, if anything, you have your time, and it is free. So if you don’t get many opportunities to show the person you love that you really care, then the gift of time will allow you to do just that. Spend some time cuddled up on the sofa and just enjoy each other’s company or simply enjoy a homecooked breakfast in bed. Sometimes this sort of gift is the greatest one of all. 

If you are looking for ways to spend more time together and create additional memories then take a look at these suggestions for your next couple’s adventure.

  • Experiences: The couple that plays together stays together or something like that. If you both like to be active whilst indulging a little slice of your competitive nature then the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is a must-do day out. Whether you remember the original series with Richard O’Brien or have caught the more recent series featuring Richard Ayoade this will certainly create some lasting memories as a couple.
  • City Day Out: Set aside a day for your both to head to the big city and enjoy a West End Theatre show, With a great selection of London’s best-loved theatre shows to choose from including Wicked, The Prince of Egypt, Mary Poppins, & Juliet and much more. Make a day of it by enjoying a meal either before or after the show as well as sightseeing in the capital.

I hope this has offered you inspiration about Valentines Day gift you might want to buy this year for your loved one.

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