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Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Area

January 27, 2023


Creating a functional and beautiful outdoor entertainment area is not as hard as you might think it would be. With the right planning, your home is going to be the perfect setting for all of your friends and family to enjoy long lazy barbecues in the summer afternoons, morning family brunches and year-round parties and events with your friends. 

The key is in making sure that you lay it out properly and that you have the correct shelter and seating for all. Creating an outdoor entertainment area takes some time and planning, but it definitely can be done. Whether you are installing ATM Aluminium Pergolas for shelter or you are choosing to have a covered deck, you need to ensure that everybody is comfortable when you are hosting outdoor entertainment. So, with this in mind, we have some tips to help.

How to create an outdoor entertainment area

Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Area

Plan your layout properly

Consider planning your outdoor space in the same mannerism you would an indoor space. if you would take your time in planning an indoor space then you have to do the same for your outdoor space. You need to figure out your budget, you need to work out if it’s big enough for all of the things you’d like to include, and you should consider the big ticket items you want such as a pool or an outdoor kitchen. If you only have a small area, you can still zone the spaces so you have somewhere to relax, somewhere to eat and something to decorate.

Use lightning

If you’re looking to establish a particular mood for your outdoor space, use lighting! It’s low cost and it’s very effective especially when you’re using solar garden lights because then you’re not spending too much money. Permanent light fittings are an excellent solution if you are having outdoor patio spaces or pergolas. But you should consider fairy lights and strip lighting if you are looking for pathway lighting or edging.

Make sure that you make good decking choices

Outdoor areas are a main feature of most homes, but you do need to make sure that you have the right decking. Some people choose to lay slabs of concrete, whereas others choose to have stone or wooden decking. You can choose timber decking that is a specific dark colour, or you can have lighter colours to brighten the space. The choice really is yours.

Call in a landscaper or a gardener

You don’t have to plan out your garden if you don’t want to. You can call in somebody to help you and make a point of asking them for their expert advice. They will have been in and decorated and planned hundreds if not thousands of garden spaces. Knowing that you have somebody who knows what they’re talking about and can tell you exactly what your garden needs is so important. When it comes to styling you can choose something that is so much more beautiful than you currently have.

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