Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

10 Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

November 29, 2023


Whether they’re eleven months old or a newborn, a baby’s first Christmas is a special event – it’s so exciting for everyone to share this holiday with the latest addition to the family for the first time.

That said, buying Christmas presents for infants can be difficult. When they grow so fast and can’t do a lot of things for themselves just yet, what should you get a baby as a unique newborn gift for their first Christmas?

This guide has the answers – take a look at the ten ‘baby’s first Christmas’ gift ideas below to get some inspiration and make this holiday season one to remember for years to come.

‘Baby’s first Christmas’ gift ideas

Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

1) Baby’s first Christmas tree decoration

Decorating the Christmas tree is an age-old tradition that families enjoy together every year to get into the festive spirit, but you can make it even more special with a unique tree decoration to represent the baby’s first Christmas. 

This could be a personalised bauble or hanging ornament that reminds you of them, which could feature the baby’s name and the year. It can also become a new tradition if you want to continue adding a new ornament for them each year. 

2) Christmas-themed onesie or PJs

Getting new pyjamas is a more modern tradition, but many families take advantage of the opportunity for everyone to wear matching PJs in a fun and festive print. Even better if they’re novelty pyjamas or slippers!

After all, most parents can’t resist the chance to dress their little ones up for Christmas. Be it a snowman, reindeer, elf, or Santa Claus himself, a super-cute Christmas sleepsuit with enclosed feet and a matching hat would be perfect.

3) Baby blanket or soother

An ordinary blanket won’t do for a special little one – they deserve a unique baby blanket. Soothers and security blankets are designed for a baby’s comfort and safety, so that they can carry their favourite ‘blankie’ with them as they grow up. 

There are many versions available featuring hoods with animal ears, which can make your baby look like a teddy bear or another adorable little creature, and other designs with a soft toy attached, making them a two-in-one cuddly source of comfort.

Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

4) Activity toy or sensory toy

Any parent would want to encourage their baby’s growth and look forward to their development ahead, so what would be a more practical gift than an activity toy? This could be a simple rattle, or a sensory toy with multiple textures and sounds to explore.

Toys like these help babies to develop their fine motor skills and learn more about the world around them – but if you want something to keep the baby soothed when the teething stage starts, you could look for a teething rattle as another two-in-one present.

5) Tummy time mat

New parents who have done their research will know that ‘tummy time’ is an essential part of a baby’s physical development, especially in their first year. Spending time on their tummies helps babies to strengthen their neck, shoulder, and back muscles.

Help your baby to have fun during their daily tummy time sessions with the gift of a creative tummy time mat, such as a mat that’s designed for water play to delight their senses, or one that doubles as a playmat with dangling toys to keep them engaged.

6) Fashionable fleece booties

Even if they won’t be walking for a while yet, babies still need to keep their feet warm in the winter chill – and adorable fleece booties are the ideal solution. Knitted slippers or fuzzy socks are also fun alternatives that can keep babies cosy.

It’s also another opportunity to sprinkle some novelty Yuletide fun into the mix if you go for a festive theme, from Santa boots and elf shoes to Christmas puddings and penguin faces. Their sweet little booties are sure to prompt an ‘awww’ from everybody who sees them!

Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

7) Christmas baby book

Again, they may not be able to learn to read properly for a little while, but spending time with your baby and letting them hear your voice as you read to them and look at the pictures in a baby book is an important part of bonding.

That’s why a seasonal board book or even a tactile sensory book can make a great gift for a baby, as it offers an activity that parents and their little ones can get involved in together. Some storybooks can even be personalised with the baby’s name for them to enjoy when they get older.

8) Light projector or music box

Forget ordinary nightlights – projectors can create a soothing environment for babies and toddlers by projecting patterns or images onto the walls and ceiling. This could be flurries of snow, shooting stars, or an underwater experience.

Some children’s projectors even play soft music at the same time to help soothe them to sleep. As an alternative, you could choose a specially engraved music box that plays a sweet little tune, such as the ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ from The Nutcracker.

9) Christmas keepsake memory book

No doubt you’ll want to document the baby’s first Christmas to look back on later, which makes a keepsake book an excellent present idea. You can fill it with details of their festive ‘firsts’ – from what they wore and ate on Christmas Day to a list of the gifts they received.

Most keepsake books have spaces for photographs, notes, and small mementoes, like handprints or cuttings from the wrapping paper on their presents. Family members can also write messages in the book for the child to read when they look back on their first Christmas. 

Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

10) Their childhood teddy

Last but not least, the classic gift for a baby – and the one that could make the most impact on them as they grow up – is a special soft toy. That one teddy they receive as a baby could stay with them through their childhood and become their bedtime best friend.

It’s essential to get it right when choosing a baby’s first teddy to become their go-to childhood cuddly toy, but you can’t go wrong with a trusted brand like Jellycat. Browse the Jellycat Christmas collection and you’re sure to find the sweetest of designs!

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