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February 21, 2018

As I collected Piglet from the nursery last week her keyworker told me that she owed me an apology. Many different scenarios rushed through my head. Thinking it was probably me who needed to apologise for something that Piglet had done. She confessed that she hadn’t managed to put much of Piglet’s progress photos and activities on Tapestry.

Tapestry is an online framework which the nursery uses to record the children’s early years foundation stage. Noting down activities, milestones and photos from their nursery journey.

When Roo and Tigger attended nursery it was all documented the old-fashioned way in a scrapbook which I only ever really saw as one book was completed or they moved from the day nursery setting to a pre-school setting.

Piglet’s, however, is available online which we receive emails for as new content is added. This is both a blessing and a curse. It is lovely to see what adventures she gets up to at nursery. The things that she does, the funny little things noted down and the photos of activities. After all, she can’t tell me about her morning and there is only so much that can be added to her daily handover record. I am able to see that she is having fun, enjoying her time there and completing a range of activities.

There is, of course, the wave if mum guilt that covers me each and every time I receive a Tapestry notification. As I click-through to see Piglet’s latest update tears prick my eyes. I read the beautiful words about her adventures and smile as I see her face in the photos. All whilst berating myself for not being the one with her completing the drawing or leaf collecting. Although I know that we can complete these things at home too I still feel as though I’m missing out.

With Roo and Tigger, I returned to employment following their maternity leave. So I didn’t have the option to have them at home with me. Now that I work from home I feel as though I shouldn’t be sending her to nursery (although I’d never get any work completed). I know that she enjoys nursery, I know that it is beneficial for her. But it still doesn’t ease the mum guilt.

So what I wanted to say to her keyworker was that it was OK. I was happy with the infrequent updates as I get the mum guilt over in one big wave rather than a weekly dose. I know that she is happy, I can see that when I come to collect her. So a monthly or quarterly update is fine by me.

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  • Sabina Green February 24, 2018 at 4:05 pm

    I love the Tapestry notifications, though we only get these in Reception class as neither of the preschools had Tapestry at the time. Don’t make yourself feel guilty for sending her to nursery, personally I think it is an important part of their development and I definitely think it helps the transition to school far easier for them. They need the opportunity to socialise with other children without your supervision to gain independence and confidence. You’re a great Mum so give yourself a break xx

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