A close up of a baby

Day Nursery // Six Months On

November 21, 2017

Earlier this year we made the decision to send Piglet to a nursery for a couple of mornings a week. This was to allow me to get some work completed uninterrupted. Whilst also enabling Piglet to interact with children of a similar age. The decision whilst a practical one didn’t sit well with my conscience as I felt it was wrong to send her to a nursery if I wasn’t going ‘out’ to work.

Nevertheless, the decision was made and in May she started a local day nursery. At 17 months old she was the latest one of the children to attend a nursery. With Roo starting at five months (in the days where you only got six months maternity leave). With Tigger starting at 10 months, so at 17 months old I was all she had known. I worried that she would be unsettled, that I’d spoilt her by always having her by my side. 

I was so very wrong.

A close up of a baby

Settling In

From that very first settling in session, she was hooked. She adored the nursery workers and the new environment. Happily heading into her room for each drop-off. Her keyworker even commented that our drop-offs were the quickest as she wanders in. If I’m lucky she’ll glance back but that is a rare occasion. I pass over her purple muslin cloth, let them know if she’s had a bad night etc. and head off.

Toddler Room

Over the summer she made the transition from baby room to the toddler room. Without any fuss or bother she settled in as though she had been there all the time. A change in keyworkers and a bigger room, all taken in her stride. Six months into her nursery journey and we have increased her from two morning sessions to three morning sessions. She adores it there, especially her keyworker.


Piglet and her keyworker have really hit it off. With them running into each other’s arms as we walk in on a morning. With my heart melting at how adorable it is, whilst a small part of me is jealous that she adore someone else so much. Before I give myself a mental kick up the bum and thank my lucky stars that she is so comfortable and relaxed at the nursery. Happy to go in each session, and not necessarily wanting to come home at the end of the morning (but that’s a tale for another time).

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