CRAFTS: How To Make… BEAR finger puppet

How To Make... BEAR

What you need:

  • 10 x 12cm piece of felt in light brown and dark brown
  • 7cm piece of brown ribbon
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Fabric glue or a needle and thread
  • Scissors
BEAR - BEAR finger puppet template


1. Print off the template above and cut out the pieces (or trace them so that you can use the printout again)
2. Using your special templates, cut out of the felt:

  • 2x BEAR’s body in dark brown felt
  • His 2 ears and nose in light brown felt

3. Glue BEAR’s nose on the front body shape
4. Using the black felt tip pen draw a capital Y on the brown dot and two eyes and a nose
5. Cut the brown ribbon in half and fold in half again and glue each ribbon end to the inside of his front and back – these are his arms
6. Turn the front body over and glue bear’s ears on the top of the body shape so they are overlapping a bit
7. Glue or sew around the side and top edges of the inside of the bear’s body (the bit you can’t see, it lets you hide all the messy bits) but make sure you leave the bottom edges free.

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Thank you to BEAR for providing the finger puppet kit and for allowing me to share the ‘how to make’ details with you.

Boo xxx

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