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Chalkola – Weekend Craft Ideas Your Younger Children Will Love To Do

May 24, 2021

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One of the biggest things that can divide many parents is crafts. Some parents excel in this area and love coming up with ideas and things they can create with their children. Others feel the fear because they don’t know where to start or simply don’t like the mess. Which category do you fall into? 

However, as we raise our kids in a digital world, their eyes and minds are more exposed to technology than ever before. There is nothing wrong with a bit of screentime and playing games on devices like games consoles or tablets. Still, it’s also worthwhile creating some time for your children to do more traditional and old-school activities, and crafting can be great to keep your younger children occupied. The weekend is the ideal time to consider doing this as you will likely have fewer distractions with your work, errands to run, and housework to do, and you can make the most of the quality time you can enjoy together. 

Why encourage crafts and activities for your kids?

There is no denying that it is only a positive thing to do if you spent a little time encouraging arts and crafts with your kids. Not only does it help to create a lasting bond between you, as you spend quality time doing something separate from the usual day-to-day activities, but some studies suggest lasting cognitive benefits. Not to mention the memories you will make doing it. So what sort of crafts will your younger children love to do? Here are some suggestions. 

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Getting the paints out 

One of the most apparent crafts that your children will love is painting and the weekend is the ideal time to do it. You should take some time to think about how you can make the most out of painting sessions and prepare the area so that there is little mess. 

Make pictures

Making a picture is one of the easiest crafts you can do with paint. The children will be happy to mix their colours and see what they can create on paper. 

Use plain canvases 

Take that one step further and invest in some painting canvas panels and an art easel. You can ask your children to go wild with their creations and some of which could be great artwork to display on the walls of your home. 

Consider the time of year for physical crafts

Sometimes a physical craft where you make something can be the most fun, but this is where parents can get a little stumped with what to do. Keeping a box with empty bottles, toilet rolls, cardboard, boxes or containers, or jars can help you have a stock of things that can be used for physical crafts. 

The best times of the year for crafts

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, then why not consider some of these themes to help you get started:

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Obstacle course for toys 

Often young children enjoy playing with their toys, so creating something that would work well with them could be appealing to both you and them. The craft side of things is something you can do together, and they may happily play with it unaided afterward. One of the most common things to create would be an obstacle course for balls, or a ramp for toy cars, for example. 

Empty toilet rolls

Toilet rolls can be a great way to create an obstacle course. Most small balls will happily fit through them, and you can make a simple course against a wall or a door and using tape to fit the parts together. 

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are also great for crafts like this and when you want to implement using their toys afterwards. A big box could be used to create a tiny house or den. Your kids could make it, then paint and decorate it. After they have done all that, you will find, they will happily play with it. Reading inside or setting up their toys to play. 

Garden fun and creating ornaments 

Having fun in the garden, especially as the weather has started to brighten up, could be the perfect excuse for some weekend crafts with your little ones. As you are working on your flowerbeds or tidying up the garden, they could be creating some masterpieces. You could also let them have a go at planting some seeds or plants or even give them a dedicated area of the garden they can nurture. 

Paint flower pots 

If you would like to add a bit of colour to your garden, then why not seek out plant pots you are not using or add some colour to any you currently have in your garden. This is another craft that involves paint, but as there is something physical to work on, it can keep your child’s interest. They can paint anything on the pots and, once dried, could plant some seeds or a flower they can watch grow. 

Acrylic flowers

could spend some time creating beautiful acrylic flowers that you can stick on the grounds of your garden. All you need is a transparent plastic plate and some acrylic paint for beginners. Allow your kids to paint the plates in an array of colours. Then glue a stick to the plate. This could be a stick you have picked out of your garden or on a walk, and that’s the craft complete. Simple but very effective. 

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Make bird feeders 

Making bird feeders can often be a straightforward craft you can do with young children. They will already be interested in birds and wildlife, so attracting some into your garden could feel like an exciting adventure for them. 

A simple bird feeder

If you don’t have much confidence with your crafting skills, then a great bird feeder you can make involves a pipe cleaner and some cereal with a hole in the middle, for example, cheerios. Allow your child to place the cereal onto the pipe cleaner. Then join the ends together. Add a bit of ribbon and hang your bird feeder from a tree. This is a great one to develop their fine motor skills and pincer grips. 

Use an old yoghurt pot

Using some lard and bird feeder, you can pick up in a garden centre; you could mix the two things in a bowl and then add to the empty and clean yoghurt pot. Using a ribbon, punch a hole in the yoghurt pot’s top and hang from a tree. You will find plenty of bird feeder creations on Pinterest. 

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on how you can enjoy weekend crafts with your younger children.

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