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Common Myths About Home Renovation

February 15, 2019

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For every homeowner, renovation will be something that you think about from time to time. Home renovation can be a great way to make improvements to your living area and make it a more enjoyable place to spend time, plus it can also add value to your home. Home renovation can be expensive and disruptive, however, so it is always a major decision. There is also a lot of misinformation out there, such as the following:

Home renovation myths… busted!

A person sitting at a table

It is Cheaper to Move Home

Some people claim that it is cheaper to move home than to undertake major renovations. This is not the case as moving home can be incredibly expensive with much more than the cost of a new home to factor in.

DIY is the Best Option

While in some cases you will be able to carry out small home renovation projects by yourself, it is always best to use a professional tradesperson. This ensures that the job is done properly and that you are not endangering yourself, your family and the property.

It is Hard to Find the Right Tradesperson

Following on from this, many people claim that it is difficult to find the right tradesperson for the job and you hear many horror stories about poorly carried out work and unhelpful workers. Fortunately, it is actually straightforward to find the right people for the job, and reputable tradespeople through places like Rated People.

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Low Bid is Best Value

Leading on from this, it can be tempting to go with the contractor with the lowest price and believe that this is the best value. Of course, you do not want to overpay but equally you do not want to have to end up paying to fix mistakes which could be more expensive than the most expensive tradesperson.

It Will Disrupt My Life

One of the main reasons that homeowners delay home renovations is the fact that they fear that it will be a major disruption to their life, and they will have to move out. While this may be true for certain projects, more often than not it will not cause too much disruption and the contractor will be able to work around you.

Home renovation is always a big deal and it is important that you carefully consider the work. There is a lot of false information out there so hopefully, this will clear up a few things and help you to make the right decision. This could have a big impact on your life and even add value to the property, so it is certainly worth considering.


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