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5 Top Tips to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

September 15, 2016

I have to hold my hands up and confess that whenever someone mentions about pelvic floor exercises I do them for a day or two and then completely forget. Although after reading about INNOVO® over on Hexmum’s blog it has made me realise just how important my pelvic floor is and that I do need to give it some time and attention.

Did you know that bladder weakness affected 1 in 3 women and 48% of those won’t talk to their doctor about the issue? Bladder weakness is something that we have all joked about, something that we brush under the carpet as happening to older people when in fact it can happen to anyone at any time so it’s important to restore the floor,

Celebrating Pelvic Floor Week with INNOVO®

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INNOVO® celebrating Pelvic Floor Week by holding a pop up in the atrium at Westfield Shepherds Bush London from 19th until 25th September, meaning for the first time, you can get really familiar with your pelvic floor. An open drop-in clinic will run daily, so pop along and meet the experts, ask those burning questions, have a one to one consultation and most importantly come and try Innovotherapy for free. They are there to offer support and confidence in discreet and personal surroundings. There will even be activities on hand to keep the children and babies entertained while you focus on you for a change.

5 Top Tips to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Top tips from Pelvic Floor expert Jane Wake on how you can strengthen your pelvic floor

TIP 1 – We do through research and I know through having taught countless women that having some focused expert instruction first really does make a difference. If from reading this you find it really easy to find you pelvic floor then woo hoo, your away!!!! If however you’re finding the above really difficult like many women then I would advise going to see a Women’s health physiotherapist and they will be able to let you know if you are contracting the muscles properly.

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Also INNOVO® is a great device to use at home the will get the right muscles working through targeted impulses and increase your level of awareness as to exactly which area you need to be focusing on.

TIP 2 –  It really doesn’t matter then when you do your exercises – you just have to do them ideally 3 times a day, and if your pelvic floor is weak, important to spread these out throughout the day  – i.e. once morning, noon and night,  so that your pelvic floor rests and recovers in-between. 

TIP 3 – The best times for YOU are when you can remember them most – this is where app’s or just setting your phone alarm can be really useful to remind you that for you, this time, is a good time for doing your pelvic floor exercises. I am for example doing them right now as I type! 

TIP 4 – At first it’s better to do them when you are still and able to concentrate on them, e.g. on the train/bus on the way to work, whilst sat at your desk or when sitting in front of the TV. Some are easier to do at different times – so, for example, the quick flick ones are easier to engage so easier to do standing or when you perhaps don’t have so much time. The Half volume switches are great to do when you are moving slowly – see if you can control your pelvic floor whilst walking kids to school or pushing the pram or on a leisurely bike ride. 

TIP 5  – Here’s a schedule you can follow but remember  – it’s about fitting it into your life , not the other way around, so use this as a guide, then get your diary out and see where/when it can work best for you, and use an alarm on your phone or the INNOVO® app to remind you. When starting from scratch, just being able to do them once a day is fabulous but remember to build up to at least 3 x day on each different exercise. 


Something is always better than nothing so if you manage to complete your pelvic floor workout just once a day – you are doing fantastic and the more that you do it the easier it will become.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, but something we all need to be thinking about

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