apps and websites for kids that you won’t mind your child using

7 Apps And Websites You Won’t Mind Your Child Using

February 9, 2022

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In this article, you’ll discover some of the apps and websites for kids that you won’t mind your child using. Learning through play as they navigate a digital life.

These days every parent can tussle with the worry that their kids are spending too much time online. Technology has advanced at such a speed that you may find that your child prefers their iPad to imaginative play with toys nowadays. But while you may worry about the time they spend using digital apps and games, some websites and apps are not too bad for your child to be using. Some are educational, and some are just innocent fun. So here are some of the apps and websites for kids that you won’t mind your child using. 

Apps and websites for kids

apps and websites for kids that you won’t mind your child using

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is an excellent resource online for anything educational. It follows the curriculum set by schools and is separated into the school years and age-appropriate content. It shows videos, explanations, and games to help children learn things in English, Maths, History, and Geography, to name a few. 

ABC Mouse

If you have the children’s channels on then you may have already heard about the website ABC Mouse. It is also an app that children can use on their iPads and tablets as well. It is an American website, but even if you are unsure what grade your child would be in it works out the appropriate content and lesson based on their age. You can perform assessments there and follow the learning path. It is a completely educational app but your child earns rewards and tickets that they can use to buy things in the online store. It is a great website and very encouraging and motivating for children to continue the path. 

TV channel websites 

It might sound strange, but their favourite channels will have websites full of fun content. CBeebies and CBBC, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network. They are just some of the popular channels your child might watch, and their websites have games and fun activities for them to do. Plus lots of free competitions for them to enter to try and win some epic prizes. It is genuine child-friendly content so it isn’t something to be worrying about, and it will all be age-appropriate. 

Cosmic Kids on YouTube

Mindfulness is very important these days, and encouraging your children to make positive choices for their mental health might be a priority for you. Yoga is a great way to encourage kids to slow down and think about their thoughts and breathing. You can find the cosmic Kids channel on platforms like YouTube. They are easy to follow and very engaging. A lot of children love the exercises and it is a great time for them to do something a little different, away from the screen, while still embracing their love for technology. 

YouTube Kids

YouTube is a platform that many children watch. But the problem is that you can’t ensure that the content they are viewing is appropriate. There have been incidents where Peppa pig videos have been made violent, and one video might lead to a channel that isn’t relevant to their age or interests. You can’t block accounts too easily either. However, YouTube Kids is a great platform with children in mind. All of the right sorts of content has been uploaded there, and you will find that it is easy for them to navigate. Plus there are parental controls to give you extra peace of mind. 


Minecraft is a game that your child can play on a games console, phone or tablet, and even a computer. It might seem like they can become obsessed with it, but it isn’t a bad game for them to play. It does encourage problem-solving techniques and requires them to think about things such as what to build and how to find resources. They can also play with their friends online and while it may not be the ideal play date, it can be a lot better than some of the other games they might play.


Finally, Duolingo has some of the best resources to help encourage children to learn languages. Duolingo lessons adapt to your child and what they want to learn. It also works out the pace to go at. It is a simple and effective way to help them pick up the right words to be able to string a sentence together. They can also instantly check their answers to make sure they are right. It is easy to use the app and very educational. 

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on what apps and websites for kids you won’t mind your child using.

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