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Colour psychology explored

March 30, 2016

Over the years, I have worked in many different types of office. From the dark, cold and draughty portacabin to the renovated blank canvas to the one where I was able to add some of my own personality. 

An office space that is both productive and inviting is different to everyone. Some will opt for the blank canvas as they are there to do a job so all they need is a desk, computer and a healthy supply of stationery, there are the ones who try to make the most of the conditions that they have with inspirational quotes and photos from home. Then there are the ones, like me, who want to make their office an extension of their personality.

For me, the perfect office space features a bold purple wall, now I’m not taking Cadbury purple but more of a french lavender. It has to be the wall that is above my computer space as it needs to make me feel like I’m in a place of comfort as I plough through my to-do list. Shunning away from magnolia I continue my love of colour within my stationery choice, opting for an array of coloured biros for when I can get away from not writing in boring black in. Patterned notebooks, sticky notes and maybe a lightbox that I can change my inspirational message on each day depending on how much of a kick up the bum I need.

Colour psychology explored

I was recently sent this colour psychology explored infographic from Calibre Office Furniture who have taken the time to look at the thought behind the colours we choose. Evaluating how colours make us feel and just how adding colour to the office can help increase productivity.

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What colour most suits your working environment?

Do you prefer bold colours to keep your brain active or pastel tones to provide a calming place to collect your thoughts?


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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