How to style your family bathroom without draining your budget

December 10, 2018

It is easy to dismiss the family bathroom as just a functional space. Somewhere that is only used for short blocks of time throughout the day. However, if you added up how much time your family uses this space within the average week you’d be quite surprised by the result.

When it comes to updating and styling your bathroom you might think that it is an expensive task. However, if you are simply wanting to freshen things up you can do this without draining your budget. Take a look at the ideas below on how to style your family bathroom. If you are looking for a full makeover, get style quotient fix for your bathroom from Harrogate Bathrooms.

Ideas on how to style your family bathroom

Clear the clutter

Whilst the family bathroom may at times look like a scene from Grand Central Station. With the number of comings and goings, especially in the morning. It doesn’t however, have to look like it has just been raided all of the time.

It’s time to take a look around your bathroom and clear the clutter. Start by putting away any full bottles of lotions and potions away. This allows you to use up all the opened ones first without the temptation to open yet another bubble bath or shampoo.

Take out the trash

When we go shopping for bathroom accessories, you’ll find a whole host of tiny, little waste bins to fit in your bathroom. However, are these really practical? Especially in a family bathroom. Before you know it, it will be overflowing and you’ll be having to empty every five minutes. Ditch this impractical bin and opt for one that is more suited to your needs. Try looking at kitchen bins (which come in a variety of sizes and colours) as these are far more practical and will hold so much more.


One of the quickest ways to add a new splash of colour to your bathroom is to add new towels. Changing the colour to a brighter shade will give the added WOW factor. Plus you’ll be thankful for the new fluffy towels next time you jump out of the bath or shower.


Just as you would in your lounge, hallway and bedrooms, accessories are the key to gain the style you desire. Utilising items from around the home will save you money on purchasing things especially for your bathroom. Unused Mason jars and bottles are great for decanting bath salts and such into. Not only will this make a beautiful feature on your window or shelves, but it also gets rid of more plastic bottles from your eye line.

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