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Christmas present or magical experience

July 10, 2014

My social media timelines have been filled with all the amazing things that are heading our way this Christmas. The first few weeks of July mark the preview shows of brands Christmas delights, better known as Christmas in July.

Seeing all these Christmas delights has got me thinking about what Roo and Tigger might like for Christmas this year. The trouble I have is that their birthdays are in November (three days apart, poor planning on my behalf) so they get a job lot of toys and things then so come Christmas it is difficult to know what to buy them.

This year I’m debating whether or not to get then just one present from Santa obviously, and treating them to a magical experience from us instead of buying them lots of little things that will either be never played with or broken within five minutes. After reading all about a special trip that Tired Mummy of Two and her daughter Beth took to Lapland last Christmas courtesy of When you wish upon a star got me thinking about holidays in Lapland.

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Both Roo and Tigger still fully feel the magic of Christmas, from decorating the house with a Christmas tree in almost every room to visiting Santa’s Grotto to tell him their wish list to leaving out the mince pies, carrots and milk for Santa on Christmas eve. Christmas is a magical time and maybe, just maybe this year a special trip to Lapland. A chance to see where Santa lives, meet his reindeer’s, enjoy the snow and possibly even see the Northern Lights.

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Do you think a magical experience would be better than another toy?

I’d love to think that they would look back and remember that one Christmas we went to Lapland and met Santa Claus. An experience that they can share with their friends, children and even grandchildren. Whilst I remember one of childhood toys (a Fisher Price A La Carte Kitchen) I have no idea what else I received that year, or the year after it, whereas a special trip you can remember for a lifetime.

Check out this guide as to how you can visit Lapland on a budget.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you in collaboration with Santa’s Lapland.

  • Mummy Matters July 10, 2014 at 8:20 am

    I would love to take our Beans to Lapland but I think JB is too young at the moment and wont remember it. If I wait until he is 3 then BB will be 5 and LB will be 8 so it could be dodgy territory for her but hopefully she will still believe by then. Curly no longer believes but I am sure would love the experience anyway and we will definitely cut right back on presents that year as the memories will be worth more xx

    • Boo July 12, 2014 at 1:00 pm

      I don’t know who would be more excited to go to Lapland, us or the kids 😉 Personally I think that Lapland is one of those places that even if you have let the magical part of Christmas go you soon find it again walking around seeing the reindeer’s, snow and of course Santa’s home.

  • rachel July 15, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Oh wow! My and OH would love to take our girls to lapland-what a magical memorable experience! We will go one day!

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