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Messages from Santa: Making Christmas More Personal

October 24, 2017

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Here’s a question – what makes the perfect Christmas gift for kids (and even adults) of all ages? As in a truly perfect gift that carries sentiment, has real meaning and is a true one-of-a-kind?

The way we see it, it’s hard to go wrong with a personalised message from the big guy himself!

Personalised Letters from Santa

It’s one thing to get into the festive spirit by having your kids write their own special letters to Santa Claus. But what about receiving a reply? And not just the usual generic response, but a 100% personalised letter created especially for your kids?

If looking to make this Christmas the kind of magical festive extravaganza your kids will never forget, Elfie has you covered! Personalised letters from Santa take preparing for Christmas to an entirely higher level, transforming a simple gesture into the kind of Christmas gift to treasure for a lifetime.

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What makes Christmas letters special?

  • Every letter we organise can be fully personalised with the content of your choosing, not to mention the name of the recipient at the beginning and throughout.
  • New for Christmas 2017, we have a range of 28 templates to choose from or use as a basis for your own unique letters from Santa.
  • Only we provide letters complete with Santa’s exclusive hand-pressed gold stamp as a sign of authenticity.
  • We can also have your letter shipped to any address in the world in plenty of time for Christmas.

All letters from Santa Claus are special, but we can provide you with the kinds of letters you and your kids will never forget.

Not forgetting grown-ups, of course, we can also provide personalised letters from Santa Claus for adults of all ages with any content of your choosing! So whether looking for something inspiring, traditional or maybe even a little cheeky, Elfie has you covered for Christmas 2017!

Personalised Video Messages from Santa

Or if you’d like to take things to the next level this year, why not go a little more high-tech with a personalised video message from Santa? Recorded directly from the big guy’s workshop at the heart of the North Pole, our video messages can be personalised in countless ways. We take pride in creating Santa video messages that are 100% unique, giving the kids (and adults) in your life the kind of heart-warming Christmas surprise they’ll never forget!

A person sitting at a table with wine glasses, with Image and Elf

Just a few samples of the kinds of videos from Santa we can provide include:

  • Clumsy the Elf – Watch Clumsy the Elf and Rudolf the Reindeer help Santa, while at the same time marvelling over his master culinary skills!
  • Santa’s House – Santa takes you on a guided tour of his home, complete with a pack of incredibly cute puppies!
  • Elf Dance – Didn’t realise Santa had pretty amazing dance skills? Order this personalised video and you might never look at him the same way again!
  • Adult Messages – This year, why not encourage a friend or family member to embrace the Christmas spirit (and even get in shape!) with an inspirational video message from Santa Claus?

We can arrange for your video message to be completed and available for digital download in less than 3 hours from the time you place your order. And just in case you wondered, the answer is yes – you most certainly can order one joint video for two children!

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