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July 13, 2014

This year Roo is making the big move from infant school to junior school. This big move will see a change of venue, a change of friends and a change of uniform. Having been at her infant school since she was three I have only needed to top up little bits of uniform each year. Her school coat for example has lasted her since Reception and will be passed onto Tigger once he is big enough.

The change of uniform is a complete change, moving from grey to black, polo shirts to shirt and tie and red to burgundy. Along with the school tie (that thankfully comes either elasticated or a standard tie) the school’s preference is that children wear burgundy cardigans or jumpers with the school logo so I need to go and order those from our local schoolwear store along with her school tie.

With a full school uniform to buy from scratch I was pleased when BHS got in touch and asked if I’d like to take a look at the BHS Schoolwear Collection

BHS School Uniform - We fit the nation

We fit the nation

Aside from the great value packs available within the collection, which can bag you a complete uniform for around £11.00, they also have the strapline of ‘we fit the nation‘. Children, like adults come in all shapes and sizes however generally speaking you would need to buy either a size bigger for children who need an extra bit of length and have to take the waist in or a size bigger if they require a little extra space around the waist which ends up with too long a skirt or trousers. BHS have realised the difficulties that parents face getting the right fit for their children and have produced the schoolwear range that includes slim, standard and generous fit across the majority of styles.

BHS Schoolwear Collection


Armed with a budget of £50.00 I have to confess that I did go over budget by £3.00 but given what I have managed to squeeze in I am very pleased.

Shirts are something that will be changed every day so I have opted for the great value packs of 2 skirts for either £4.00 (short sleeved) or £5.00 (long sleeved). I’m not sure as to whether Roo will prefer wearing long or short sleeves so I selected a pack of each, as they are great value I might well add to these once I know her preference.

Roo does usually prefer to wear skirts, however during the winter months and when they have activities on at school trousers are more practical so a fabulous great value pack of 2 for just £8.00 will ensure she has the option to switch between trousers or skirts.

Had I opted for value pack skirts I could have brought the cost down, however Roo really liked the button detail and the pleated bottom so I splurged out, although at just £9.00 each for the Tammy skirts they are less than I would pay for an ordinary skirt for Roo so still really good value.

Every September I always replace all of Roo’s socks, as she previously wore white socks for school they are that awful shade of grey by the end of the school term. Her new school will see her in black socks for the first time and I’m so pleased I managed to find knee high ones that will look so cute with her Tammy skirts.

Disclosure: In collaboration with BHS’s school wear department.

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