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Signs Your Child Could Have a Hearing Problem

May 9, 2023


About three of every 1,000 kids in the US experience hearing loss in one or both ears. Hearing impairment in children can affect their ability to develop language, speech, and social skills, as well as their academic performance. The bad thing is that your child can develop hearing problems as they get older, even if they had normal hearing at birth. Fortunately, early detection and intervention can help prevent your child from developing permanent hearing loss.

However, most parents don’t know what signs to look for when it comes to identifying hearing loss in children. Temporary hearing loss is often mistaken for being naughty or stubborn. It’s incredibly crucial to have your child’s hearing screened regularly at the nearest HearCanada. You should also be watchful and contact a doctor if you notice your child any signs of hearing loss. Here are some of the common signs your child could have a hearing problem:

Common signs your child could have a hearing problem

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Delayed Reactions

A child with normal hearing should typically react to loud noise, regardless of age. For instance, your child may wake up or jump if they hear a door slamming or a dog barking. Monitor how your child reacts to loud noises from birth to when they become toddlers and young children. If your child isn’t startled by loud, sudden noises, you should consider testing their hearing.

Besides loud noises, your child should normally respond when called, considering they get used to hearing their name as they grow. But, if your child doesn’t respond when you call them and nothing is distracting them, it could be a sign they have a hearing problem and should get them checked by an audiologist.

Louder volumes 

While some kids enjoy playing their favorite music or watching their favorite show at a loud volume sometimes, it can be a concern if they struggle to hear at a lower volume. Your child may be experiencing hearing loss, especially if they always want to watch the TV at a higher volume than the rest of the family members.

If your child comfortably hears at a high volume level but can’t hear at a lower volume, it’s crucial to have their hearing tested to determine their level of hearing loss. Listening to loud music for too long can damage their hearing, increasing the risk of developing permanent hearing loss.

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Little or no speech

Every parent looks forward to hearing their child say their first words or sounds. However, if you realize your child’s speech and language development is delayed compared to kids of their age, they could have a hearing problem. Consider visiting a doctor to have your child’s hearing tested if they have little or no speech like other children of the same age. This will help determine whether hearing loss is the problem since a learning difficulty can also cause it.


While most children with hearing loss are born with it, some acquire the problem years after birth. The sooner you can identify the hearing problem and seek medical intervention, the higher the chances of protecting your child’s hearing. If you notice your child showing any of the above-listed signs, consider visiting an experienced audiologist for a complete hearing evaluation.

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