How To Encourage Your Kids To Embrace Independent Learning

How To Encourage Your Kids To Embrace Independent Learning

May 17, 2022


Independent learning comes with benefits worth considering. It motivates students to learn and improve their organisational and time management skills. Moreover, it enhances their academic performance while increasing their confidence levels. It’s no news that students learn at different paces. With independent learning, they can understand and manage their limitations with ease. The University of London describes it as a path to academic excellence, crediting its effectiveness. So, how can you get your kids to embrace independent learning? Here are practical tips you can utilise for the best results. 

Set concise goals 

Setting clear goals regarding independent learning is important for good reasons. It increases motivation and focus, preparing your kids for the tasks ahead. Likewise, it’s easier to measure your kid’s progress and success when set goals are in place. What’s more, it’s a great way to challenge your kids to develop an interest in subjects that they particularly dislike. It’s essential to be realistic when setting these objectives, as your kids can become overwhelmed and unmotivated when they’re too challenging. 

You also want to be specific by determining what they want to achieve and how to go about it. For instance, if your kids want to improve their comprehension skills, you can set time aside for intensive reading. You’ll also find it helpful to break big goals into smaller ones and document them down for easy reference. Consequently, check in regularly to ensure that they progress towards their goals. 

How To Encourage Your Kids To Embrace Independent Learning

Encourage reading 

Reading is beneficial, making it important for your kids to practice it regularly. First, it improves their language and communication skills while exercising their brain. Also, it stimulates their imagination and helps them learn more about the world. It’s no wonder that approximately 51.5% of British children enjoy reading. If your kids don’t enjoy reading, you can fix it with the right steps. For instance, you can set time aside for them to read to get the best results. Also, be a role model by reading regularly. This way, it’s easier for your kids to follow in your footsteps. You can also invest in audio books for kids if they experience reading-based learning differences. 

Create a conducive learning environment 

Irrespective of your kids’ desire to learn at their own pace, the wrong environment may defeat the purpose. If your home has distractions or is uncomfortable, your kids may find it challenging to retain information or stay engaged. Therefore, creating the right atmosphere in your home becomes imperative to encourage learning. You can begin by designating a specific area of your home for learning. Ensure that this area has enough space to accommodate desks, chairs and other furniture. Lighting is also essential, so keep this in mind. As a tip, choose an area that allows enough sunlight for the best results. 

You can make the area fun by decorating it with posters and other educational items. If you don’t have space for a designated learning area, you’ll find it helpful to choose places in your home with low traffic to reduce distractions. 

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