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LIFESTYLE | Celebrating 25 years of Friends TV series

May 16, 2019

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Did you know that the hit TV series Friends is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year? Ready to celebrate? Who isn’t? It doesn’t matter your age, Friends has probably touched your life in one way or another.

Friends the hit tv series

Friends was a hit show that featured, Monica, Rachel and Phebe, Monica’s brother Ross, and their friends Chandler and Joey. The show features these young 20-somethings trying to get their life together and all of the different things that they go through. Ross is struggling with a divorce because his wife fell in love with another woman, right as she got pregnant. Rachel runs out on her wedding and calls her friend Monica for a place to stay. Joey is a struggling actor. As the show goes on, the characters go through dating problems, job problems and just personal drama all with the comedy feel that makes them all lovable.

A close up of a sign

Why Friends was so popular

The show was so popular because it was relatable. It was relatable to the people watching it when it came out. You were either going through it then or remembered what it was like when you were dealing with it. Because they were all so relatable, you fell in love with them and genuinely wanted to know what was going to happen next.

The re-runs that you’ll watch time and time again

Even today, new generations of young people are watching this show, either on Netflix, reruns or other streaming services. It is no wonder this show is just as popular with people today as it was 25 years ago. New kids and early 20-somethings are watching this series for the first time and people who watched it the first time around are watching it again and again. While some of the slang or clothing is dated, it is the same problems that people are dealing with now.

Friends Merchandise available from Pyramid International

Whether you are a new fan or a fan from the beginning, you are going to love the new Friends merchandise coming out from Pyramid Shop. Just in time for the anniversary, you can enjoy your next cup of coffee in a Central Perk cup. If you are a die-hard fan and have a coffee bar, you can get the Central Perk sign or get a Central Perk doormat.

There are many types of coffee mugs that feature saying from the show. My favourite is the We Were on a Break” mug but there are mugs with Rachael on them, mugs saying “How You Doin'” and so much more. Although I have to say the Just so you know” mug is pretty funny too. Just reading it brings back the episode and makes me laugh.

A close up of a coffee mug, with Cup and Font

You can not celebrate the 25th anniversary any better than with a Friends Marathon and using Friends merchandise.

Win a Friends ‘How You Doin’?’ Doormat

To help you celebrate 25 years of Friends, Boo Roo and Tigger Too are lucky enough to have a Friends ‘How You Doin’?’ Doormat to giveaway.

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Friends ‘How You Doin’?’ Doormat

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