Since most of us can’t spring for a full bathroom renovation, or for expanding our bathrooms, we have to settle for some creative ways to keep out products and linens out of sight, but within easy access.… View Post

How to style your family bathroom without draining …

How to style your family bathroom without draining your budget

When it comes to updating and styling your bathroom you might think that it is an expensive task. However, if you are simply wanting to freshen things up you can do this without draining your budget. Take a look at the ideas below on how to style your family bathroom. If you are looking for a full makeover, get style quotient fix for your bathroom from Harrogate Bathrooms.… View Post

Top Reasons Why A Wet Room Is A …

Top Reasons Why A Wet Room Is A Great Bathroom Option

Are you thinking of having a wet room installed in your bathroom? Wet rooms are on the rise and are becoming a very popular option across every generation. If you are unfamiliar with what a wet room is, essentially this is just a bathroom where the floors and walls are tanked to stop any water from seeping out and causing damage. There normally a sloping floor as this will guide excess water towards a drain.… View Post

5 ways to give your bathroom a new lease …

5 ways to give your bathroom a new lease of life

Sometimes it’s perfectly possible to refresh without renovating entirely. You can uplift your living spaces without stripping everything back to basics. And your bathroom is the ideal place to put such plans into action. Let’s take a look at five simple and cost-efficient ways to give your home bathroom or en-suite the TLC it deserves.… View Post

10 Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

10 Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

In a small bathroom, space is at a premium and you may think that there’s not enough room for any storage, but with some clever planning, there’s plenty of ways that you can incorporate storage into this much-used room.

From toiletries to toilet paper and towels, there are so many items that are used every day that need to be kept in the bathroom, but where on earth are you going to put all this stuff?… View Post

How to make every day a spa day – …

How to make every day a spa day – you deserve it!

When was the last time you went to the spa? Had a facial, a body treatment? Or had a soak in a hot tub? For me, it was many moons ago! Being a busy parent often means we have to budget not only our money but our time as well, and it can be difficult to find five minutes peace, let alone an entire afternoon!

So, why not bring a spa experience to you? It’s a lot easier than you think, and following these quick and simple steps, won’t break the bank either! Take a look, go on – treat yourself, you deserve it! … View Post

Fed up with your mouldy shower curtain?

Fed up with your mouldy shower curtain?

Have you had enough of your mouldy shower curtain bringing your bathroom’s décor into disrepute? Cleaning the curtain or replacing it is one option, but then are you simply throwing good money after bad? How long before your new shower curtain gets tainted with the same mouldy brush?… View Post

Family proof flooring

Family proof flooring

Whether its spillages, stains, water-based accidents, muddy paws or muddy boots, the kids running around or your partner leaving their stinky socks to fester on the carpet, one thing is certain – you need family proof flooring and it needs to be as durable as you are!… View Post