Refreshing your Bathroom Over Summer

August 2, 2019

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When it comes to renovating rooms in the house, summer might not be the time that you’d necessarily think of starting things. Let’s face it, it’s time to get outdoors and make the most of the weather whilst it lasts. However, the summer is the perfect time to cross off those little refreshing jobs. Leaving you time to get on with bigger projects later in the year.

The bathroom is one room that can easily be refreshed without too much upheaval. Perfect if you have guests coming to stay for the summer or you are hosting family BBQ’s etc. Your bathroom will be utilised by everyone so you want to make sure you are leaving them with the right lasting impression of this room.

Take a look at these ideas on how you can refresh your bathroom this summer

How to refresh your bathroom ready for summer

Room and Bathroom

Summer Decorations – Create a fun summer look in your bathroom with new accessories. Try using a beach theme, summer fun, and other summer-inspired ideas. If a theme isn’t exactly what you want in your bathroom, try warm, bright colours. This is a simple way to bring the summer feeling to your bathroom. 

Light textures – Sometimes heavy textures are associated with winter. Since in winter is usually a bulky season in terms of fabrics and materials, having alight textures can bring a warmer feel to your interior. Consider getting new linen for the bathroom for the summer. Light airy colours and breathable fabrics make it nice for summer and make the space feel lighter. In addition to having a new towel, hand towels and cloths, consider getting new rubs and bath mats. 

A close up of a sink and a mirror

Consider new fixtures – One of the best ways to refresh your bathroom over summer, or any time of year, is to replace older fixtures. Old, worn fixtures can make any bathroom look tired, worn and outdated. Crosswater at Bathroom Luxuries offers many different fixture ideas at prices that you can handle. Decide what style or type of fixtures you would like, either steel or brass, and start to replace the fixtures. Many of the fixtures available can be installed with very little know-how. 

Tiles and flooring – If you want to give the room an updated look, consider new tiles. The flooring in a room can make a big difference in the way a room looks. Replacing the flooring might be more challenging repair for someone who is not used to these types of DIY projects. For some, this is a job that might be better left to a contract worker. 

Paint – Nothing makes a room look better than a fresh coat of paint. Simply changing to colour or refreshing the existing colour can bring the room back to life. In addition, this is an easy DIY project. Using painters tape, paint rollers and roller covers, this is an easy way to create a new feel and look to your bathroom. 

Use these summer months to refresh the bathroom and give a new look and feel. It doesn’t take much to breath new life into the room. 

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