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October 26, 2022


Are you about to have your first baby? You may want to start documenting your life, so you have memories to visit when your little one becomes an adult. Thanks to technology you can capture the sweetest memories and record all the different types of babies’ moments. 

In this post, we provide tips on which moments you should capture through video. Additionally, we’ve provided tips and tricks on how to create a capture-the-moment video using the right methods. Keep reading to find out more!

What Moments of a Child’s Life Should You Capture?

As a first-time parent, you may not know which moments of your baby’s life you should record or take pictures of. Most parents start recording baby moments before they’re even born. In this section, we’ve provided the most important moments of your baby’s life to capture to keep in a digital photo album

When the Baby is Born 

The very first picture or video you should take of your baby is on the day your little one is born. After the baby is bathed and dressed take a short clip of your child sleeping or relaxing. You can then send the video to friends and family to announce the birth of your bundle of joy. 

Monthly Milestones 

Did you know babies start crawling when they reach 6 to 7 months old? You can help other new parents understand the growth and development of babies by starting a monthly milestone vlog. Take one video of your baby every month to show how big your little one has grown and anything new they’ve learned. 

Development Milestones 

As babies grow they start to develop new habits and skills. Videography can help you capture the different stages of your baby’s development. Capture moments such as: 

  • When the baby has started eating solids and at what age 
  • How your baby learned how to roll or crawl 
  • The first time your baby starts to walk 
  • How they learned how to use their toys 
  • At what age the baby started sitting up 
  • How they learned to hold items 
  • Which hand do you think will become the dominant hand 

Recording your child’s development stages can help you understand and learn about the next baby you decide to have. You can also use this information for people in your family who become first-time parents. 

First Time Milestones 

Another great way to capture special moments is when your baby has their first experience with food or activities. Taking videos of first-time experiences can be comical or special. Here are first-time moments to record:

  • Your baby’s first tooth 
  • First time eating solids 
  • Your little one’s first Christmas 
  • Your child’s first time eating ice-cream 
  • A first birthday party 
  • First time drawing 
  • Your baby’s first time camping 
  • First time swimming 

You can then consider starting a YouTube kid’s channel to teach others about how to achieve their first-time experiences when they grow. 

Baby’s Achievements and Concerts

Your baby will most likely go to kindergarten where they’ll start learning how to earn awards or achieve success. Capture your baby’s moments when your little one achieves something such as an excellent report. You also want to capture your baby’s concerts while in kindergarten so you can play videos back to them when they’re older. 

How to Make Memorable Videos with Your Baby 

Create happy memories for kids so you have a reason to take videos of their moments. But to capture these moments, you’ll need to learn a few tricks. In this section, we’ve provided tips to take the best quality videos of your baby. 

Use a Quality Camera

Nowadays, you don’t need an expensive camcorder to take quality videos. As long as you have the latest smartphone with a video recording feature you can capture wonderful memories with your baby. 

Whether you have an iOS or Android device we recommend adjusting your video settings for the best results. Use filters, and grid lines, and adjust the lighting so you don’t have a grainy resolution. 

Turn Your Camera Sideways

People who aren’t tech-savvy always tend to take videos of scenes with their phones upright. If you play this type of footage on a PC monitor or TV screen the viewing will be too small to see. The footage will only be useful on a smartphone.

But if you want to capture a scene in full view on any screen then we recommend turning your camera sideways. You’ll then have a memory that can be played on a TV screen or a computer monitor. You can then convert videos so you can play them on any device. 

Get Down to Their Level 

Parents tend to stand while taking videos of their children sitting down. The camera angle will be awkward when standing over your baby while recording. Instead, get down to their level. Sit down on the floor, or ensure the camera is on the same level as your baby. 

Keep Rolling 

The important factor to remember when taking videos of your baby is to keep rolling, especially if you want to capture a funny moment. Even if the video is long, you can always cut out sections or edit the video so you only have the footage of the special moment you were waiting for. 

Final Thoughts 

Babies grow so fast and every so often you’ll miss special moments with them. But use the tips in this article to guide you for the special memories you’re able to capture. 

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