How to Make a Digital Photo Album: Creative Designs and Ideas

How to Make a Digital Photo Album: Creative Designs and Ideas

December 22, 2021

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We create memories every time we do something. They can be good, they can be bad, but when we get older, we lock these memories away somewhere in our minds. If we want to remember, we need a reminder, a key for those locked doors.

Luckily, technology has progressed so much that we don’t need to use Polaroid photo albums, although they are a nice way to save precious moments. Now, we can make a digital photo album, and here are some creative designs and ideas on how to do it.

Creative Photo Album Ideas

Here are some photo album ideas on creating albums for your travels, wedding, special occasions, your baby’s first months, and other significant moments. These are all memories we cherish and want to remember.

How to Make a Digital Photo Album: Creative Designs and Ideas

Travel Photo Album

Create a travel photo album book by summarizing the photos you took and the ones your companions took. Look at what you think the topic should be, e.g. the year, the trip, the country, the most memorable experiences, etc.

Decorate your photos with memorabilia from your travels and write a story next to every photo you think is interesting. Squeeze in any funny pics with an interesting story. The spontaneous ones are usually the most interesting.

Wedding Photo Album

The most important thing for a wedding photo album is the layout. Design it to be just the right amount of flashy by choosing the right digital photo frame. If you’re making a digital wedding photo album, include collages.

A creative idea on what to do with the photos is to add thoughts on photos of guests. Write what you were thinking when you saw the photo, or add a funny caption to it.

Special Occasion Photo Album

There are other special occasions you can capture, and creating a digital photo album for these can be quite fun. Every occasion should have its caption, something funny and interesting. Choose a topic for the occasion, and try to add chapters to the album.

Baby Photo Album

This one includes chapters. Perhaps the most interesting thing you can do when creating a baby album is to add memorabilia to it. The first time the baby crawled and the socks it was wearing under the photo. Create a fun photo montage with the baby in cute clothes.

Daily Moments Photo Album

This is an amazing thing to have. Imagine it as a photo diary. You have all the photos of the greatest moments that day. It works much like Facebook memories or a similar feature Google Photos uses. You can immortalize daily moments by taking a photo of the opposite situation. E.g. drinks with friends vs. at home watching TV.

How to Make a Photo Album? 

As we said, there are a lot of tools that can automatically make a digital photo album instead of you. However, the best albums are the albums you make, and you can make an album online with a lot of good software.

How to Make a Digital Photo Album: Creative Designs and Ideas

1. Choose the Type, Size, and Theme

Choose between one of the mentioned types. The size and the theme should depend on the type of album you’re making. If it’s a wedding album, the size is going to be large, and the theme is going to be white, weddings, peace, etc., and only the best slideshow maker can encompass all the photos.

2. Upload your photos

Take a selection of your best photos and upload them using one of the best photo storage options for 2021. Avoid uploading copies of photos, try to select and delete these before you upload them. These photo storage solutions usually have a duplicate removal tool, but you should do it manually.

3. Create the Cover

Design the cover so that it speaks to people. You can create it using Pixlr or other similar software. Remember, it shouldn’t look like a disco ball, it should be just the right amount of flashy.

4. Choose the Layout (s) and Arrange your Photos

There are plenty of layouts you can select for different photos or collages. So, try to decide which ones go well with the others and stick with those throughout your album. Also, arrange the photos in chronological order unless you want to make comparisons.

5. What to Write in a Photo Album

Write significant details, the environment, the way you felt when you took the photo, what you would’ve done differently, etc. Or, you can go the other way and write something silly next to every photo.

6. Review it

Once you’re done editing your digital photo album, review it. You must go through it again to see if there are duplicates and if the order is incorrect. Finally, make sure that a photo from another album didn’t accidentally get into the one you made.

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