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How to remember the most valuable moments

January 6, 2020

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Time flies so fast and 2020 comes so quietly and I always can not remember what has happened in the past year. So I think about a way of helping me remember my time—take photos. Take photos not only helps you record your life, what you have done in the past but also remind you of cherishing and valuing the life you possess now. As people become mature and mature, the memory will become more and more unclear, you must and have to do something to keep the life on. Photography is the best way to record and remember life.


When it comes to photography, except phone and camera and other electronic equipment, the backdrop is vital for taking photos. I have found a lovely web-based site katebackdrop. They provide various kinds of backdrops and with many good reviews.

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Their story

They offer high-quality, elaborately beautiful backdrops, wish to perfect your photography and decorate your memories. Stories behind your each photo matter to us, and it’s Kate’s honour to be involved in them.


After graduation in 2007, Kate’s founder——David got into foreign trade and cross-border online shopping for the first time. David loves photography, and he often selected and purchased photographic apparatus and accessories on those overseas shopping sites. During the period, he found that backdrop is a piece of good photographic equipment.

Through investigation analysis, David eventually confirmed that photography backdrops would have broad market prospects, while there were few backdrop brands that could provide user-friendly and cost-effective products at that time. Under the circumstance, David decided to enter the backdrop market and embarked upon the long journey to find suppliers.


David finally chose a textiles factory after searching and comparison with caution. The vinyl cloth produced by this factory is regarded as the ideal raw material of backdrops.


David took the idea into practice and create a brand, which was named after his lover Kate.


At that time, however, the characteristics of vinyl make products fail to meet the customers’ requirements. David compared various fabrics repeatedly and found the microfiber fabric at last. This cloth is thick and soft, wrinkle-resistant compared to the vinyl cloth, but costs more on printing.


After several failures on the experiment, David finally implemented the heat transfer printing technology on microfiber, and this attempt marked the first iterations of Kate’s productions. It nearly doubles the cost, while David still insisted to practice the decision in order to improve the quality of products. It is an original achievement belongs to Kate backdrop.


By the year of 2016, our factory could only manufacture small-sized backdrops and large-sized ones needed a stitch.


With the expansion of our customer base and reinforcement of our brand’s popularity, David purchased a batch of advanced equipment that can produce 3 meters wide seamless backdrops and released precise instruction that every Kate backdrop must be produced with hems and a pocket on it, in order to make the backdrop easy to hang. This move was regarded as developing a new industry standard.


David had already clarified the brand mission of Kate backdrop.

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