Pregnancy Tips: 7 Things To Expect During Your Third Trimester

Pregnancy Tips: 7 Things To Expect During Your Third Trimester

February 25, 2022


The third trimester of your pregnancy lasts from week 29 to week 40, which corresponds to months seven, eight, and nine of your pregnancy. At this stage of pregnancy, feelings range from exhaustion and concern to joy and anticipation for the arrival of the baby. Your kid continues to grow, and if they’re born early, they’ll have a greater chance as the third trimester advances. In the third trimester, you’ll have more visits with the midwife since it’s critical to monitor your and your baby’s health. Here are some common things you can expect during your third trimester.

Your Body Changes

Your baby’s movements will become more noticeable as he or she develops. These thrilling feelings are frequently accompanied by rising pain and other indications and symptoms, such as:

Pregnancy Tips: 7 Things To Expect During Your Third Trimester

Braxton Hicks contractions

These moderate, irregular contractions may feel like a small tightening in your abdomen. They’re most common in the afternoon or evening. As you get closer to your due date, your contractions will grow more frequent and stronger. If the contractions grow frequent and stronger over time, contact your health care practitioner.

Urination on a regular basis

You’ll notice additional pressure on your bladder as your baby goes further into your pelvis. You could notice that you’re urinating more frequently. This added pressure may cause urine leakage, particularly when you laugh, sneeze, cough, bend, or elevate. Consider using pantyliners if this is an issue. If you suspect you’re leaking amniotic fluid, see your doctor right away.

Breathing problems

You could get out of breath quickly. To allow your lungs more room to expand, practice proper posture.


The connective tissue that maintains your bones in place, especially in the pelvic area, relaxes as a result of pregnancy hormones. These changes can be difficult on your back, and they frequently cause discomfort in the third trimester. Choose seats with adequate back support when you’re sitting. Get some exercise on a regular basis. Wear shoes with strong arch support that are low-heeled but not flat. Contact your health care practitioner if you are experiencing severe or chronic discomfort.


Fears of delivery may become more persistent as the expectation develops. How bad will it be? How long do you think it’ll last? What shall I do? Consider attending birthing classes if you haven’t previously. Also, you can find a lot of advice on that can help you get a sense of what to anticipate and also meet people who share your enthusiasm and worries. Consult with others who have had a pleasant delivery experience, and inquire about pain-relieving alternatives with your doctor.

It’s possible that the reality of parenthood may begin to seep in as well. You may be worried, especially if this is your first child. Write your ideas in a notebook and plan ahead to keep yourself calm. You may want to invest in a nursing bra or a breast pump if you want to breastfeed.

Pregnancy Tips: 7 Things To Expect During Your Third Trimester

Baby Development

Your baby continues to increase in size and weight during the third trimester. Because the lungs are still developing, the fetus begins to arrange itself head down. The fetus is typically 19 to 21 inches long and weighs 6 to 9 pounds at the conclusion of the third trimester. The fetus can see and hear during the third trimester, its brain continues to develop, and its kidneys and lungs mature.

Frequent Prenatal Visits

Your doctor may want you to come in for more regular checkups throughout the third trimester, such as every two weeks starting at week 32 and each week starting at week 36.

Your doctor or nurse will check your levels and blood pressure, as well as to inquire about any signs or symptoms you’re having, just as at prior appointments. Regardless of your immunization status, one dose of tetanus toxoid reduced diphtheria toxoid, and acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine is advised for every pregnancy, ideally between weeks 27 and 36. This can help protect your infant from whooping cough until he or she is immunized. You’ll also require screening tests for a variety of illnesses, such as gestational diabetes and anaemia due to iron deficiency.


As your due date approaches, you may feel compelled to prepare your house for your baby. Concentrate your efforts on finishing your baby’s room, cleaning his or her clothes, putting the baby car seat in place, and performing some early baby proofing. Some expectant mothers may utilize their “nesting urge” to clean, do minor house repairs, or prepare large amounts of food to freeze.

Looking for Symptoms of Labor

Although labor can occur at any moment, it is more likely to occur between the ages of 38 and 42 weeks. Keep an eye out for symptoms of labor, such as lightning (the sense that your baby has fallen lower), the removal of the mucus plug, your water breaking, or stronger and closer-together contractions. With the aid of our contraction tracking chart, you can keep track of your contractions. If you’re not sure if labor has started, call your doctor.

Pregnancy Tips: 7 Things To Expect During Your Third Trimester

Reading About Childbirth and Labor

It’s a good idea to understand all the possible outcomes whether you plan to give birth vaginally or by cesarean section. Water breaking, contractions, and episiotomy are just a few of the subjects to look into when it comes to labor.

Continue to ask questions as your deadline approaches. Knowing what to expect will assist you in having the best delivery experience possible. Also, you may not get another chance to rest like this for a long time, so enjoy the benefits of it.

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