Blogging 101 | Blogging mistakes to avoid in 2020

September 8, 2020

Blog and blogging are some of the most productive words of 2020. It takes months and even years of dedication to build a successful Blog. And in the journey, bloggers tend to make several mistakes while trying to establish themselves in this highly competitive field. Though there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes but avoiding a few of them would definitely help your blogging career in 2020.

The rules for successful blogs tend to change every year. The same do’s and don’ts, which we had followed in 2016, might come of no use today. The rules which were the basis of blogging success may now have become mistakes that you might not want to use in your 2020 blogging career. 

Let’s learn about the common blogging mistakes to avoid in 2020 and how to turn them into opportunities:

Using multiple niches/ topics

The most common blogging mistakes to avoid in 2020 is the use of multiple niches in one blog. Beginners today create web blogs and post articles related to mixed topics thinking it would grab the audience from all directions. However, the correct path is finding one niche that you think you are passionate and knowledgeable about and growing it with sheer focus, hard work and dedication.

Blogging mistakes to avoid in 2020

Ignoring the importance of keyword research

Keywords were and are very useful when it comes to making a successful and ranking blog. However, most beginners completely ignore the importance of keyword research and struggle to attract traffic even when they post incredible content consistently.

Focusing only over Quantity

“Quality over Quantity” goes with every business. Bloggers today consider publishing more and more blogs to rank on SERPs. In this race, they sacrifice the real deal i.e., Quality of content, and then fail miserably. On the one hand, the search engine looks at the quality of the post before ranking it, the other side is your audience to keep describing due to repeated and ordinary content. Also, a fact to remember time by time is that no one will read your entire blog if they do not find engagement and flow in its first quarter.

Blogging mistakes to avoid in 2020

Focusing only on SEO

SEO is undoubtedly a prime need of the Blogging and Vlogging world today, but excessive focus on it can sometimes bring undesirable results. Bloggers today hype to write for ranking their content in search engines and, in this process, ignore the fact their blogs are here to spread information amongst a specific audience. Even if your content ranks at the top 10 searches in Google but does not carry quality content, the users would not spend more than a few seconds on your blog post.

Neglecting promotions

With multiple other blogs on the same niche around, no one in the world specifically looks out for your blogs unless you are highly established and popular. Bloggers often neglect promotions thinking that traffic would itself come towards their post, which in no world is possible. The need of the hour is to promote your blog posts as much as you can through social media, link building, email marketing, and more.

When you are new to blogging you inevitably will end up making several blogging mistakes. Though the key here is learning from your own mistakes and not repeating them after that. Keep your blogs simple and engaging by writing valuable content and then trying your hands-on SEO and SERP later.

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