4 signs blogging is not for you

Blogging 101 | 4 signs blogging is not for you

May 18, 2021

Blogging, no doubt, is a growing passion, hobby, or business of the time. Earlier thought of as a passion or side business, it has now been established as one of the career options for many writing enthusiasts. If you are not patient enough to give all your hard work and wait for the right time to let it flourish, then blogging is not for you.

Blogging without question holds creativity at its root and dedication as it builds up more and more. If done right, it can bring in various possibilities to earn money and establish your name amongst this business. An average blogger makes anything around £300 to £500 per month. In contrast, earnings for an established blogger also go as high as £2000 to £5000 a month. The profits must seem very pleasing, but this job is not as easy as it looks.

Often, the beginners in blogging or the one who wants to take blogging as a career opportunity think it is easy to grab the opportunity. From the outside writing blogs and posting them online might look very effortless, but the ones here in the business say a very different story after standing here for quite a long year. Just because blogging sounds excellent and comfortable, it doesn’t mean it is the same for everyone.

4 signs why blogging is not for you

4 signs blogging is not for you

You lack creativity

Let’s take it right and understand the fact that creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea. A person can be highly educated and intelligent but can lack in the field of creativity. And it is OK as not everything is meant to be your quality. But for building your blogging career, creativity is one of the prime merits one definitely should have in his/her veins.

You lack patience

Blogging is one of those career or passion fields where everyone has to build their castle from scratch without knowing how long it would take to reach the top. And yes, additionally, you never see the end line while you start. Blogs are the world of patience and may take months or even years of hard work to establish a base finally. If you are not patient enough to give all your hard work and wait for the right time to let it flourish, then blogging is not for you.

If you cannot accept criticism and failure

Blogging is one of those businesses where most of the newcomers tend to fail in the first three months of their start. The reality behind the blogging world is you might face failure and criticism if you are a beginner, and that is where you have to learn to take them in the right catch so that you can build your castle from the points of your critics. If you cannot accept and learn from your audience’s feedback and criticism, blogging is no way your path to success.

If you have no time to put in hard work

Blogging today has a lot of competition around, and this is a clear sign about how much hard work one has to put into staying here, amongst many others. If you are not sure whether you will be able to be consistent in giving your readers the best possible experience in your blog, then your part-time efforts will lead your blog to nowhere.

Blogging is an ever-changing platform, and nothing here is constant after every few months. One who can commit dedication, consistency, and hard work then can never flourish in this business.

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