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Blogging 101 | How to Choose the Perfect Blog Categories

March 9, 2021

You need to create and maintain the best blog categories for your niche. When you first launch your blog to make money you’ll craft up a few categories that make sense for your specific niche. You may find in time that you have far too many categories for your blog and it’s time to clean things up.

Since readers use your blog categories to read more relevant content on a specific topic, you must have the perfect blog categories to keep readers engaged. The right number of blog categories to have will vary based on niche, but I’ve heard having more than ten categories can confuse your reader and have them leaving your site quicker.

Top tips to choose the best blog categories

If you’re starting a new blog or revamping an old blog, but aren’t sure what to do with blog categories, then continue reading to learn some tips to choose the best blog categories.

choose the best blog categories

Check Analytics

Within your Google Search Console, you can visit the Search Console area to find out what keywords are getting clicks to start creating the best categories for your audience. Determine your perfect blog categories based on the most popular topics.

Evaluate Current Categories

Take a few hours and evaluate your current blog categories. See which categories are few blog posts in them and assign those blog posts to a more popular category. You can then prune your categories out by removing those categories that don’t have much content in them.

Sub-Categorise Popular Categories

Just as you would evaluate current categories to prune out the ones you use the least, it’s important to see which categories have the most blog posts. If one category has a majority of your blog posts, you’ll need to evaluate keywords to help spread that content out into more than one category.

Stick to No More Than 3 Words

Try to keep your blog category names no more than 3 words per category. Since most of us use blog categories in our menu option, you’ll want ample room to put your most popular categories in the menu bar. Having more than 3 words is going to clog up your category menu on your blog.


In conclusion, whether you’re starting a new blog or revamping an old one, it’s important to choose the best blog categories for your niche. Each year you should evaluate what categories are most popular, prune out categories that aren’t being used often, and make sure that your blog categories are based on your readers are showing interest in reading. All of this will help you choose the perfect blog categories to boost traffic and maintain a healthy bounce rate.

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