What Makes Kids Worry?

March 10, 2021

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Are you parenting an anxious child? Of course you are, anxiety is something we all feel from time to time. But kids feel it keener than most, especially if they’re young. After all, they have a very limited life experience, and they don’t always know how to handle their thoughts and feelings. But as their parent, it’s your job to help them combat their worries, and when you know the most common things your children worry about, you’ll be much more effective at this.

Making Friends

Making friends is something that can worry us at all life stages. When you walk into a new job as a young adult, you worry if you’re going to fit in, for example. So when your child goes to school for the first time, or changes schools, it’s only natural they’d worry about not fitting in as well. 

But what can you do? You can’t make friends for them! But you can teach them that friends can be made anywhere, and to never change themselves just to try and impress someone. Suggest to them ways they can do something nice for someone, if they want to make friends with certain other kids, and always be sure to remind them that they’re not alone.

What Makes Kids Worry?

Losing a Parent

Losing a parent is something kids can think about a lot; you were probably worried about your parents from time to time when you were a kid, especially if one of them was late home from work a few times. A kid’s mind is far from rational, and as a result, their thoughts can be all over the place, wondering what’s happened to their mum or dad. 

It’s also a hard time for a child when one parent gets in touch with someone like spodek law group, and when times like these come around, your kids need to be the focus. Comforting them in a productive manner, by proving to them that they haven’t lost anyone, is essential here. Take your time with their worry about this, and let them know it’s fine to feel this way, and how they themselves can learn to dispute a worry like this. 

What They See on TV

The older a child gets, the more they’re going to pay attention to what’s going on in the world around them. And that means they’re going to start listening to the news when it’s on the TV, and start to watch short documentaries, and learn a lot about what’s good and bad around the globe. 

And when a child comes to you and tells you something on the news scared them, it’s good to do your own research into it. Help your child find the truth in the media frenzy, and make sure they never take to doomscrolling

Kids can worry about a lot; find out why, and what you can do to help them. You have a lot of power as their parent, so put it to good use!

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