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The Exterior Insider – A Guide to Reinventing Your Outdoor Decor

March 20, 2018

Many people overlook the importance of outdoor decor in the modern design world. The interior is king, naturally, as we spend all of our time indoors when at home. However, forgetting or foregoing the outdoor is as short-sighted as it is tragic. The outside of your house is the surface seen by the world. It is what you gaze lovingly at from your back or front yard on a warm day in spring, and it is important for these reasons.

If you are unhappy with your outdoor decor, there are ways to fix what you have without needing a qualification as a landscape gardener, but without a clear guide on how or why to do these things, progress can be slow. We have decided to speed up the process by writing this guide to reinventing your outdoor decor, in the hopes that it gives you the inspiration you need to start and finish your outdoor overhaul.

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Painting the outside of your house might seem strange, or even barbaric to some. Plain red bricks grace the outer surface of many homes, and all of them look perfectly respectable without having to spend a lot of money on quality outdoor paint. This is true, but as there are many of these red brick homes, they do tend to fade into the backdrop a little. With a bit of paint, your home is no longer just another red brick house, it’s the blue house on the corner, or the white house nestled comfortably in the middle of a street of bricks. A point of difference like this can make all the difference to your outdoor aesthetic, but if you need more to complete your look, read on.


The side of the windows on the outside of your place need love and care too, so be sure to clean them regularly. Outdoor blinds and storm shutters are a great addition to the outside of your home, and they help to increase security as well, leaving you very little reason not to investigate them at least. It isn’t hard to find ziptrak blinds in Melbourne, and once installed your home has a whole new aesthetic feature to play around with.

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Putting furniture outside can seem just plain wrong. Furniture goes indoors, where the elements can’t get to it and where it can last for generations comfortably. It does not belong out in the backyard surrounded by critters that want to live in and around it, in the elements that will erode it to nothing in a period of years, and fully exposed to the hot, paint-stripping sun. Unfortunately, furniture kept outside will likely break down faster than it’s indoor contemporaries, however, for function and aesthetic, outdoor furniture is just as important and just as beautiful to look at.


Art can be almost anything; from garden gnomes to wooden sculptures, to old bird cages scattered around a wildly overgrown garden. Things that evoke an emotional response have intrinsic value in your outdoor decor, so don’t be afraid to play around a bit with what can and can’t go outside. Try visiting some country antique stores for old agricultural items to spread around the yard, the combination of wood and rust gives a nice aesthetic edge to your outdoor decor, without breaking the bank.

With these tips, your outdoor decor can take on a life of its own and draw the eye of passers-by all day and night. Your home doesn’t have to contain it’s beauty to the inside any longer, and it doesn’t take much to reinvent your outdoor style.

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