Someone’s hit your car

July 28, 2014

Picture the scene… Mr. Boo has just gotten from work, Roo is watching a film in the front room, Tigger is upstairs playing in his room and I’m making the tea.

Just as I am adding the plates to the table we hear a loud bang, assuming it was one of the children Mr. Boo shouts upstairs to see if Tigger is OK and he gets a ‘yes Daddy‘ from Tigger. I comment ‘was that Tigger? I thought it was outside‘ and carry on with what I was doing.

Mr. Boo and I have just sat down to eat our dinner when our next door neighbour shouts over the back garden wall ‘Hello, hello, anybody home‘. I assume that a ball has come over the wall, but Mr. Boo gets up to see what she wants…

‘Someone’s hit your car’

Cue some curse words as I dash to the front door to see what has happened…

Car crash - piggy in the middle

That would be our green car in the middle. I have to be completely honest and confess that my original thought was that Mr. Boo had left the hand brake off and it had rolled into the white and red car. 

Actually, the white car belongs to next door and the youngest daughter was about to have a driving lesson with her dad when the car shot forward hitting our green car, shunting it into our other next door neighbours red car before it slid sideways and ended up like that. When I think that our green car was parked where that white one is now I just can’t picture how much of an impact that must have taken to move our car so much.

At the time I was fine about it, after all, it is just a car, nobody was hurt and that is the main thing. Sadly the red car family decided to make a song and dance about it all and insisted that the Police attend to sort it all out which meant our street looked like this for almost 3 hours until we were allowed to move our cars. Our car was towed away as it was leaking, but with front, rear and passenger side damage it will be the last we see if that car.

We are now in the hands of the insurance companies, we are awaiting details of a hire car which we desperately need as we are due to go away for the weekend with the kiddies.

I just really feel for the young girl as this will probably put her off driving, poor thing. I hope she will still be able to get cheap full coverage car insurance with no down payment once she passes her driving test.

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