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6 Benefits of Knitting

February 13, 2018

Perhaps a hobby that you associate with your grandparents, knitting has, in fact, had a bit of a makeover and become a favourite pastime, particularly with millennials. This has led to a bit of a knitting trend, as more people have started to embrace the craft. But why is this?

If you’re considering a new hobby that will help you to zone out while allowing you to put you’re your feet up, then knitting could be for you. Read on to find out about some of the biggest benefits of knitting and you could soon be joining the growing numbers!

Knitting and Wool

It’s Cheap to start

One of the biggest appeals of knitting is that it’s such a cheap hobby. Even when starting out, unlike other crafts, knitting doesn’t require a large list of equipment. All you need to do is invest in knitting needles, buy some knitting patterns (like these from Deramores), and select your wool, and away you go! Having said that, it’s a good idea to watch some how-to tutorials and videos, so you can learn the basics of knitting before you start.

Makeover Your Home and Wardrobe

Knitting offers many perks, including the ability to update your home and wardrobe. After you’ve learned how to knit and got to grips with the basics, you can move on to bigger challenges. You could add to your knitwear collection with a homemade cardigan or jumper or knit a blanket for your sofa or bedroom. Plus, you’ll love them even more for the work you put in!

Good for Mental Wellbeing

Research has shown that knitting (along with crocheting and making jam), can have a positive effect on mental health. In fact, time spent knitting has been linked to higher levels of happiness and calmness – sounds like the perfect hobby for stressed-out parents! This is thought to be due to the repetitive and rhythmic nature of knitting, making it a soothing activity.

A pair of blue shoes

Improves Cognitive and Motor Functions

Knitting has also been shown to boost cognitive and motor functions, making it a great hobby for people of all ages. Studies among older people found that those who engaged with knitting and other related crafts had better cognitive function than non-knitters, showing it helps to keep the mind active as we age. In that case, starting young certainly can’t hurt!

In terms of motor functions, it has been proved that knitting stimulates large areas of the brain, including the cerebellum and frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes. This means that in addition to being an enjoyable and relaxing hobby, knitting can also be beneficial for those in the early stages of conditions that affect their motor skills.

Helps to Prevent Arthritis

In addition to benefiting mental health, cognitive function and motor skills, knitting could also help to prevent arthritis. This is because the constant motion stimulates finger joints without being too strenuous, assisting with maintaining movement. Surprisingly, it’s also a good activity for those already suffering with the condition, as not using the joints can lead to them becoming stiff and painful – although this may require larger, easier to use knitting needles.

Knit on the Go

Finally, another reason for knitting’s popularity and part of its appeal is that you can knit anywhere. Unlike other hobbies, such as woodwork, which require a specific set up and working space, knitting is entirely portable. This means that whether you’re on a train, sat in the office on your lunch break, or relaxing in the house on the sofa, your knitting can go with you and you can enjoy your hobby on the go.

There you have it, 6 amazing benefits of knitting. Who knew knitting could be so good for the body and mind? Try it out and see what you think!

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