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6 Space-Saving Ideas for Smaller Homes

November 11, 2020

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While smaller homes have their charm and appeal (as well as meaning less space to keep clean and tidy), they can also become problematic when you are struggling for space, storage or when you perhaps have a growing family. 

Here are six ideas to better keep your small home organised.

Build Upwards 

There is a lot of creative opportunities when it comes to what you can do with your wall space and taller furniture. Choose taller and thinner cabinets or furniture pieces instead of long and wide, so that you can save on the amount of room your furniture takes up. Wall-mounted shelves or even hanging shelves can be handy if you cannot position any furniture on the floor due to sizing restraints. 

If you have a very small kitchen, think about hanging items from shelving instead of placing furniture in the room, and see what you can use wall-surface wise to best store your items and keep your main space clear. 

Choose Furniture with Legs Whenever Possible 

Whether it is your bed, a bookcase, a sideboard, or a table, try to choose those designs which have legs and therefore which have a lot of storage space underneath them. If you choose furniture without legs and which sit directly on the floor, you are wasting a lot of good storage opportunity. 

Have a Serious Declutter

If you’re finding it hard to navigate your home with the number of items you have, you might instead want to consider what you can get rid of instead of what you can buy to help. Having a serious declutter means you can save as much space as possible in your home and get rid of what you don’t need.

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Use Multi-Purpose Furniture Wherever Possible 

Multi-purpose furniture is going to be a huge help in eliminating extra items which take up room. A lot of multi-purpose furniture also offers more storage capabilities, which is always a bonus when you are battling with a lack of room. 

You can get more creative with it and think about entertainment as well as furniture, like a pool table from Home Leisure Direct that doubles as a dining table, found at homeleisuredirect.com. 

Or Even Use Extendable Furniture 

It may be that you require larger furniture options, like extendable dining tables for those larger social gatherings, but you don’t want the furniture to be taking up all the space even when you’re not using it. Extendable furniture can be a great option for those times you need extra surface area, but then can easily be packed away to save on room. 

Switch to Open Plan 

If you have one wall or doorway which is causing problems and which is limiting where you can position furniture, switching to open-plan might be a good idea. You can then more easily set up your living space as one whole without worrying about blocking doorways or having things in the right corners.

There you have it, just six space-saving ideas for smaller homes, I hope that you found this article useful.

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