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November 15, 2013
For some unknown reason the past week has seen me clearing out, packing away and generally nesting (no I’m not pregnant!) . I seem to be having that spring cleaning feeling in mid November, not sure what has come over me.

First on my hit list has been the bathroom, toiletries sets that we have been given for Christmases and Birthday’s have been donated to our local Salvation Army charity shop. Old towels have been taken to our local dogs home to provide extra bedding for the cold winter months. The shelves now boast white baskets which are just awaiting labels in a vain attempt that Mr Boo and Roo will put things away in the correct basket.

The Plastic Box Shop have sent me over this fabulous infographic all about helping everyone de-clutter and organise their homes (and lives) better. Please take a look, gain inspiration and see if you can de-clutter at least one room in time for Christmas.


If you liked the look of this infographic please share it across your social media channels so that you can help others de-clutter their lives.

For help with your storage and organisation needs head over to the Plastic Box Shop website www.plasticboxshop.co.uk, don’t forget to follow them via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Plastic-Box-Shop/147613391957771 and Twitter twitter.com/PLASTICBOXSHOP/ to keep up with all the latest news and offers.

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: IThis post is brought to you in collaboration with the Plastic Box Shop.

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