Woodchip #ItsJustNotMe

April 10, 2013

Woodchip, woodchip as far as the eye can see…

My little home is covered in woodchip, from top to bottom. When I say top to bottom, I really do mean it. It is on every single wall, as well as the bedroom ceilings!

When we moved in some 7 years ago the previous owners had decided to paint over the woodchip with satin emulsion. Which meant that whenever you switched a light on you could see it reflecting off all the woodchips on the walls.

As I was pregnant with Roo at the time our priorities were the nursery and a usable kitchen so we simply painted over the satin emulsion with magnolia matt emulsion. The kitchen was simply stripped and painted to make it usable. The nursery however took a lot more elbow grease… I started to strip the woodchip off and instantly wished I hadn’t as it was a very hot August day and being pregnant I was easily wiped out. The next day I headed home for a few days to see my mum and upon my return I found that my mother-in-law had spent the last few days steaming the walls, putting up new lining paper (the walls could really do with a re-skim) and painting it for me. Honestly I cried when I saw it, partly due to my hormones but partly as it is one of the nicest things she has ever done for me.

A box that has a sign on a wall

And until last October that was that, we have added a few more layers of paint to the woodchip but never contemplated stripping any of the other rooms as we knew it would mean re-plastering the walls. However for some unknown reason I decided to strip the walls in the dining room one October day. With no steamer available I have had to done the stripping in two layers, firstly the top woodchip layer followed by wetting the paper lining and finally stripping that off too.

Following the dining room we moved on to Roo’s bedroom and are currently two thirds of the way around our bedroom. It is long, sweaty and dusty work… I can see an end in sight but it just isn’t coming quick enough.

A piece of chocolate cake on a box

So to all who are reading this I am pleading with you for both my sanity and that of any future people living in your property…

Boo xxx

I’m linking up to the #PoCoLo over at Verily, Victoria Vocalises….
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