Manic Monday Music – National Express

Last week Mr Boo was updating our family iPod with any recent purchases, whilst doing so he was scrolling though our music library looking at the old Now albums. We had a blast listening to songs from our school days… young, wild and free days… clubbing days and finally together days.

One of the songs we scrolled upon was National Express by The Divine Comedy. When my parents moved back to Carlisle I would often go home to visit them, however as I didn’t drive at the time I would take whatever plane, train or National Express coach that was cheapest at the time. I would often get the £1 tickets and spend the best part of 13 hours on coaches just to go home for a long weekend. So listening to music helped pass the time, along with a good dose of people watching. Whenever this song came on my playlist I would have a little giggle to myself.

Have you ever travelled by National Express??

Boo xxx

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