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How a digital photo frame can help you gift memories this Christmas

November 24, 2022

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Everybody loves to receive gifts on any occasion. As the year 2022 is going to end soon, the biggest festival is coming near, i.e., Christmas. You are planning something great to gift your loved ones this Christmas. In this technological world, a present of a digital photo frame can hold cherished memories of your loved ones who are staying away from you so that he/she can look at the gift every day and feel close to the family.

So, today we will discuss how a digital photo frame can make your loved ones feel special this Christmas.

What is a Digital Photo Frame? How does it work?

We all know about photo frames, but a digital photo frame is used to display a digital picture(s). It does not require any computer or printer to showcase the digital picture in the digital photo frame. You can easily upload or put the picture(s) directly in the digital photo frame’s memory using any wireless connection like Bluetooth or any USB connection. You can also upload pictures on the digital photo frame directly from your camera – depending on the Nixplay frame model you purchase.

NIX digital photo frame 13.3
Nixplay App for adding images via Wifi or Bluetooth

Steps to upload a picture on a Digital Photo Frame

After buying a Nixplay digital photo frame, you’ll want to know how to put pictures inside the digital photo frame – especially if you are looking to add images ahead of gifting. Each digital photo frame has its unique features. So, we have provided some simple steps to use and upload pictures on a digital photo frame before gifting them to your loved ones.

  1. After purchasing a Nixplay photo frame, decide which photographs you want to upload on the digital photo frame. I find that moving photos into one folder on your phone/computer makes the process easier when you first add images to your chosen frame,
  2. Use photos or convert it to a universal format like JPG format because JPG format photographs are supported everywhere.
  3. You can also put the memory card of your camera inside the digital photo frame to upload pictures.
  4. Always use a flash drive like Pendrive to store your older photographs, which you don’t want to keep in your memory card.
  5. If you want to transfer photographs from a computer or smartphone, always use wireless connections like Bluetooth.
  6. You can also customise your frame according to your choice by reading the user manual once you are completed uploading the pictures.

The capacity of a digital photo Frame

The size of a digital photo frame depends on the size of a memory stick or memory card. If you install an 8 GB memory card, it can hold and display around 25,000 photos depending on the image’s size. If you want to store and display more pictures on your digital photo frame, insert a more storage memory card. A digital photo frame has 6 GB internal storage and 2 GB for the system, a total of 8 GB. Digital displays are divided into pixels, as well as more pixels results in better detail.

NIX digital photo frame 13.3
Showcasing memories from across the years

Benefits of using a Digital Photo Frame

Every product has its uniqueness and benefits. So, we have listed some of the benefits of having a digital photo frame at home or giving someone a gift.

  • A digital photo frame solves the problem of taking a printout of your favourite photo. You can easily display it on a digital photo frame.
  • Digital photo frames are quite handy.
  • The digital photo frame provides you with extra advantages like an automatic slideshow, internal memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc.
  • The digital photo frame can make any room of your house technologically prettier and more attractive.
  • Select the correct digital photo frame and be sure that it meets all your requirements.

So, after providing all the details required, you can undoubtedly gift a digital photo frame this Christmas Eve because it is very much handy, easy to use, and consumes less amount of space in your room. There are various big companies available who are selling good quality digital photo frames with the latest and unique features. Just buy a digital photo frame, insert your favourite pictures, and present it to your loved ones this Christmas.


So, to wrap up, digital photo frames are trending in the market. If you want to give your loved ones a family feeling, this Christmas gift is a Digital Photo Frame with some lovely pictures. Take a look at the Nixplay website for the full range of photo frames available as well as any offers running.

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