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Hotter Fit Fortnight | Why parents need to get their feet measured too

June 13, 2019

This is a gifted partnership with Hotter Shoes

As a parent, I try to ensure that my children’s feet are measured regularly. Ensuring that they have the right sizing and fit for whichever pair of shoes they require at the time. After all, having the right size and fit for shoes is important for children. But it is also important for us parents too.

Can you remember the last time you had your feet measured? I certainly couldn’t tell you up until a few weeks ago when I was invited to the Norwich Hotter Shoes store as part of their Hotter Fit Fortnight.

Hotter Fit Fortnight

A pair of shoes

Finding the correct shoes and making sure they fit is one of the most important things you can do to keep your feet healthy and happy. During Hotter Fit Fortnight they are encouraging you to visit your local store to find out how you can get the perfect Hotter fit. 

Attending my local Hotter store I was greeted by Emma who measured my feet and actually I’m a size 4.5, not a size 5 as I’ve always thought I was (although depending on style and fit you can size up and down a half size). She helped me understand the different ranges throughout the store and then let me head off and explore.

Summer Sandals

Sandal and Shoe

With hopes of a wonderful summer, it was the Hotter Shoes sandal range that caught my eye. Actually, it was the range of beautiful yellow, reds and blues that drew me in initially. The Tourist and Palmas sandals both catching my eye in the beautiful yellow colourway. I don’t usually opt for something so bright, however, they both just shouted ‘hello summer’ at me so I had to try them on.

Having tried both styles on, I have to say I was a little torn between which style to get. The Tourist offered everyday comfort and would be perfect for wearing with the children whilst we are out and about over the summer. However, the Palmas was a little more dressy, with that familiar Hotter comfort. With much toing and froing (and asking the other ladies who were shopping in Hotter at the time), I opted for the Palmas. A sandal that would give me that little extra height (never a bad thing), whilst working with my casual floral trousers over the summer or a smarter pair of jeans for meeting friends in the evening.

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My Hotter Fit

I’ve been wearing these for around two or three weeks, including a very long day in London – and my feet were comfortable, cool and most importantly I loved the citrus yellow. It appears that everyone else is loving the citrus yellow too as I’ve had so many wonderful comments about my sandals and seeing where they could buy a pair too!

(And in case you’re wondering about the Tourist sandals… I may have taken advantage of the buy one, get one half price. With both the yellow and blue pairs hopping into my online shopping cart – they are just as comfortable as I remember and will be perfect for theme parks and family days out).

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