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Parenting | Survival Tips for Raising Teenagers

June 13, 2019

The lovely stage of adolescence that we’ve all gone through seems to be a breeze when we’re younger, but once we become parents and reach the teen years, it’s not so easy. Teenagers are a whole new stage of parenthood that can test your patience and strength, but if you manage to use these survival tips for raising teenagers then you’ll at least be able to get through it in one piece.

check out these survival tips for raising teenagers

A man standing next to a brick wall

Be a Life Coach

This is the time in parenthood where you’ll think you’re back in the toddler years, but the reality is you’re becoming more of a life coach. During these trying times, it’s important that you remain calm, set realistic expectations and remain consistent with those expectations and consequences if expectations not met to ensure you’re helping your teenager gear up for adulthood.

Take Time Outs

Your teenager may take you from zero to ten in a matter of seconds with their testy behaviour. It’s important that you take many time outs to ensure that you’re able to handle the situation calmly. If you have to walk away from a situation with your teenager and return to them later to handle it with a more level head, please do so.

Schedule Chat Time

It’s very important that you schedule a time to communicate with your teenager. They may be dealing with a lot more during this stage in childhood than ever before which means they’ll need to have a safe person to chat to when times get overwhelming. Leave yourself open to listening to your teenager on a regular basis so that they feel comfortable telling you anything and confiding in you no matter what.

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Guide your Teen

It’s now up to your teenager to start making some decisions on their own. While you do want to keep communication open by scheduling chat time with them, it’s important to guide your teen as opposed to tell them what to do during challenging times. Be someone who shares reasonable responses without telling them what to do during a crisis with peers or other important decision-making situations they encounter.

Find Common Ground

Even though your teenager may be pushing you away during this stage in childhood, it’s important to find common ground. There will still be some activities that you both enjoy and are able to do together. Be sure to schedule alone time with them so that you two can continue bonding so that your teen feels confident that you still care and love them.

Your teenager is going to think that you don’t understand them, that you don’t care and everything in between. I’m sure you’ve found that this stage in parenthood is hard, but be certain that these survival tips for raising teenagers will help you make it through to the other side.

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