11 Ways To Say Thank You To Someone

11 Ways To Say Thank You To Someone

May 21, 2021

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If there’s one thing that’s difficult to do, it’s probably saying ‘Thank you.’ Some things just demand something extra because of the depth of appreciation and magnitude of the favour involved. However, what are the things you can do to say thanks? Depending on your preferences, you can get a little creative than just sending an email.

Simple ways to say thank you

There are various ways to express gratitude to make someone’s day brighter, and here are some of the simple ways you can say thank you:

11 Ways To Say Thank You To Someone

Give A Flower Basket

Whether you prefer artificial or fresh flowers, assembling a flower basket with a handwritten thank-you note is a great way to show you appreciate and be grateful for someone.

If you can’t do a flower basket, there are other options you can take into consideration, and these include a thank you flowers delivery from a flower shop near you.

Give Some Gift Cards

Finding something to show your gratitude to someone can be challenging. Fortunately, there are available gift cards in bookstores and craft stores, which is a great way to get around showing your appreciation to someone. Just ensure to include a personalized card or note thanking the recipient for their help and friendship.

Create A Digital Greeting Card

While email is always the best way to go to say thank you, nothing beats a digital greeting card that you put effort and time into creating which can brighten somebody’s day. Make your card reflect the personality of your recipient and compose short messages of thanks for their generosity.

Try A Homemade Gift

If you want to add a personal touch with your thank-you gift, spend time and effort in handcrafting something uniquely theirs. Making something sentimental that shows your gratitude like a painting or a knit scarf. If you’re not a crafty person, you can put together a slideshow or use photo-editing tools to help you. Just don’t forget to include a handwritten letter to make it more special.

11 Ways To Say Thank You To Someone

Take Them Out For Coffee

There’s nothing more intimate than asking someone to have coffee with you to thank them for giving you a favour. You won’t only be able to say thank you to someone, but you’ll also be able to get to know them and tell them that you’ll always be around in case they need your help as well.

Consider Gift Certificates

If you still can’t choose the best thank-you gift, try giving them gift certificates instead. You can get these online or from local stores that sell a variety of merchandise. In this way, you can treat them to something they like.

Deliver Candies Or Cookies

Making something on your own is a delightful and fun way to say thank you to anyone. Make a sampling of homemade candies or baked goods like cookies and decorate them with your personal message. Depending on your preferences, you can also form letters and attach a note with your thank-you message.

Make A Phone Call

Did you know that a simple phone call can mean everything to someone, and a perfect way to give thanks to your friend or family members? So instead of texting your thank-you message, consider calling your friend or family member because it’s much more personal. Other than a phone call, call regularly to see how they’re doing and let them know that you’re thinking about them.

11 Ways To Say Thank You To Someone

Pay It Forward

The best gift always comes from the heart, and a great way to repay someone is to pay it forward. If your family or friend has a special event for charity or something they’re passionate about, why not make a donation in their name? You can also volunteer during your free time. This will surely mean more than any thank-you notes, candies, or cookies because you’re taking extra effort to help with their event.

Bring Them Lunch

If you’re chronically stressed or overworked, you might dread the idea of preparing meals. However, did you know that it can make someone happy if you would surprise them with a delicious homemade meal or even take them out to their favourite restaurant? If you can’t leave your office or your home, send them an inexpensive lunch instead. It’s a wonderful way to show your gratitude to someone.

Give Time

One of the simplest ways to show appreciation and gratitude to someone is by giving them your time. Remember that time is valuable for everybody, and it’s something that you can never get back.

So if you have free time and your friend needs help with something, do them the favor and give them your precious time. It’s something that most people appreciate due to today’s busy schedules, particularly if you’re a career person.

Simple ways to say thank you
Thank You card in an envelope


Expressing gratitude can be tough, especially for those who aren’t expressive and not used to saying thanks to others. However, if in case there’s a need for you to show your appreciation and gratitude to someone, you can consider the tips in this article to show your sincerity and expressions of gratefulness.

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