Good and Bad effects of Social Media on Kids and teenagers

August 20, 2020

A pervasive part of our modern life, Social Media has spread an impactful influence amongst people of every generation, specifically kids and teenagers. No doubt, they love social media and have let it form an essential part of their daily life. As per various famous researches, about 70% or even above of Kids and teenagers are using social sites regularly from amongst most of them are active on their social accounts persistently.

The broadening of technology and science has helped the world grow at a very rapid speed. There is no doubt that today, we are witnessing the best era of modernisation that is affecting our lives in both good and bad ways. Social Media has a high prospect of providing teenagers and kids with valuable development opportunities and, at the same time, destructive forms of making their own life miserable and demoralising.

Good effects of Social Media on Kids and Teenagers

  • Social Media today works as an educational resource for teenagers, providing them one on one various learning methods. Articles/blog posts on Facebook, instructional videos on YouTube, News networks, world updates, and various similar resources on Social media platforms are prime examples of educational and knowledge benefits for the generation.
  • Social Media helps kids and teenagers to enhance their social communication skills, which they might struggle offline.
  • The Social Media platforms exhibit various creative content and hence encourage kids to showcase their hidden innovative skills. The growing trend of images and videos in the form of memes or short writings enhance designing skills amongst them.
  • Social Media platforms work as a confidence booster for shy and introverted kids/ teenagers who otherwise find facing people like a challenge.
Teenager using a phone on social media

Bad effects of Social Media on Kids and Teenagers

  • The first and foremost adverse effect of Social Media platforms on Kids and Teenagers is addiction. This addiction cuts them out from essential life activities, which often leads to severe destruction.
  • Social media addiction on teenager’s upshot their sleep patterns resulting in sleep deprivation. After that, this deprivation builds up to drop in mental health, mood swings, adverse effects on studies, and primarily a temblor in inner peace and emotions.
  • Kids and Teenagers today often invest a lot of their emotional being into social media platforms, which generates a certain kind of negative pressure. This pressure slowly escorts them towards anxiety and depression.
  • Social media platforms do enhance the connectivity power of shy and introverts. Still, on the other side of the picture, they isolate themselves from the outer world and the present moments of their lives.
  • Following the perfection showcased on Instagram and Facebook profiles of the present-day social media influencers, the kids and teen generation often develop unrealistic expectations.
  • Lastly, one worst effect of Social Media is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying, an evil face of social media, has no end in increasing victims and attackers who, in the first place, take it as fun and prank but its final result many times leads to suicidal attempts also.

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