When’s your next Special K Biscuit Moment?

When you’re watching your shape, there are times when you want to reach for the biscuit tin but end up feeling guilty about your choice- well not anymore thanks to Special K.

Now you can say yes to biscuits with new Special K Biscuit Moments, which at 99 calories for two biscuits, offers women a tasty treat that doesn’t undo all their good intentions.

Each biscuit contains a soft fruit filling, topped with a vanilla drizzle, to give you that much needed biscuit fix, without breaking the calorie bank.

This is the first biscuit from Special K and it is available in two flavours – strawberry and blueberry making it the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon brew or coffee break.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts

I was surprised at just how moreish this biscuits were.  I tend to find strawberry flavoured items quite overpowering, however this was not the case with Special K biscuit moments. For me the vanilla drizzle on top of the biscuit really tied all the flavours together, making it a very tasty treat.

Whilst I was taking the perfect photo to include in this post Roo came upon me and asked if she could try my new biscuits.  I wish I had said no, as now she keeps asking if she can have one of those biscuits with the white stuff on top… oh dear I have competition for my biscuits *wonders where I can hide them*

Price & Availability

Available in most major supermarkets and convenience stores
£1.99 for a multipack of five sachets of two biscuits.

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Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I received a box of Special K Biscuit Moments in order to taste test and review.  My thoughts and opinion are my own, 

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