What do you look for in a winter coat?

One of the things that I miss about being pregnant with Piglet is the internal central heating system she provided. Whilst throughout the summer I suffered with the additional heat source as the autumn days drew in I was thankful of that extra bit of warmth. Completing the school run in t-shirts when everyone else had at least long sleeves on if not a coat too.

Now that Piglet is here my body temperature has returned to normal and I really need to get myself a new winter coat. I had a big clear out of clothes whilst I was pregnant and passed my old winter coat etc to a local charity. So for the past few weeks I have borrowed one of Mr Boo’s Superdry jackets to wear whenever I have needed to go outdoors however I don’t feel comfortable in it. It doesn’t fit properly, it feels bulky and heavy so I really need to pull my finger out and order a new winter coat for myself.

What do you look for in a winter coat?


Like most people I have had various styles of coats over the years, some which were very much fashion disasters (lets not mention the bomber jacket I had in high school – eek!). I’ve experimented with quilted jackets which make me look like a long lost relation of the puffa fish. I’ve tried the casual waterproof jacket look which whilst very practical in the UK weather doesn’t exactly scream ‘yummy mummy’. Personally I love the tailored coat look, whether it be a longer style bridge coat, a double-breasted number or a hip skirting pea coat. I think that this style really suits my shape whilst looking smart whether I’m wearing jeans or trousers.


Generally speaking a good 90% of my wardrobe is black, not because I’m trying to be a emo (or whatever it is that the goths are calling themselves nowadays) but simply because I like to blend into the background. However with a range of fabulous colours available I’m wondering whether I need to step outside my comfort zone and opt for something a little more interesting. I’m not sure I could pull off red (possibly looking like Mrs Santa Claus) but I do like the idea of getting a navy or purple (my favourite colour) coat.


I’ve never been a brand snob, I’m someone who likes to go into a store and look through the rails without taking note of which brand or designer I am looking at. I’d much rather find a winter coat that I loved because I loved it and it looked great on me than settling for something that was OK just because it was a certain brand.

What do you look for in a winter coat?

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