A bedroom with a pink tub and sink

Great ideas to decorate a children’s bedroom

December 22, 2015

Decorating your child’s bedroom is always great fun. You can let your imagination run wild and paint the craziest colours and themes.

A baby won’t mind what you do but a toddler will have their own ideas. If they love their bedroom and make it a place they enjoy spending time in, it may even help to keep them in bed at night!

Whether you want a quick refresh or a full-on make-over, here are some ideas to jump-start your imagination.

For girls – a fairyland

Fairyland is a great theme for girls because you can incorporate their favourite princesses and eliminate them like a hitman once they get fed up with Sofia the First or Elsa.

Pink, fairy wallpaper and bed covers can provide a focal point and you can paint red toadstools and use pink stars or moons as borders. Glow in the dark moons and stars are always a hit with both boys and girls.

Add some fluffy princess rugs and your little girl will be in fairy wonderland. You could look into a canopy for her bed and drape pink voiles around the curtain pole to create a magical scene if you’re really into it. Don’t forget the fairy door!

A bedroom with a pink tub and sink

For boys – a knights and dragons themed bedroom

This is a great theme for boys and maybe even some girls. Dragons can be age-appropriate from the cartoon types to scary-looking Smaug type affairs. You can even include dinosaurs in there too – hey, this is a kid’s room, anything goes!
Use reds, golds and greens, full-sized cardboard cut-out knights and lances. You can source medieval-style flags online and hang them from curtains poles attached to the wall. Find a castle pop-up tent to provide a hidey hole, and pick up a hobby-horse, plastics swords and stuffed dragons. Wow, can you see how easy it is to get carried away!


Remember your child will play and sleep in this room, which are on opposite sides of the required light spectrum. You need to make sure lighting is safe and sturdy in a child’s room, so choose a reputable company such as Lampcommerce who specialise in lighting.

Play time

A bright overhead light and a desk lamp are vital for older children who need to complete homework or simply like to draw in their newly decorated bedroom. Lamps don’t have to sit on a desk, some attach to the wall. The Artemide Tolomeo range is stylish and worth checking out.

Sleep time

A soothing bedside light is essential. A touch lamp is easier for little hands and may help them to sleep when they need to get rid of the shadows quickly. Fumbling with a cord can be frightening for them.

Try a plug-in nightlight if they are scared of shadows or if you need to feed during the night without giving yourself a blinding migraine.


Kids’ bedrooms are a magnet for spillages and even washable pens are not actually washable when it comes to carpets. Try to choose darker shades or patterned carpets and add some brightly coloured rugs. Ensure all rugs are secure with double-sided carpet tape to avoid trips.


A feature wall can easily be updated without the need for a full-on bedroom make-over six months to a year (depending on how quickly your child changes their tastes).

Character wallpaper looks amazing if you have the patience, but if not, paint the wall and use decal stickers which can easily be changed. A chalk wall will provide hours of fun, and you can draw on whatever your child likes at the moment in time – instant re-decoration!


Window coverings can make a room. Choose a good quality curtain pole that isn’t ‘fashionable’ so you don’t have to change it, and then get busy with curtains. If you have a younger child it’s a good idea to install a neutral black-out blind so that light mornings and evening don’t interrupt bedtime, but you can still choose curtains to match the room’s theme.

However you choose to decorate, don’t spend big amounts of cash on specific theme items because your child may change their mind in a few months’ time. Buy good quality items that will remain such as curtain poles, lighting, black-out blinds and a bed-frame and then accessorize with decals, voiles, rugs and duvet covers.

Happy kiddies, happy parents!


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